Funk-Affair dates at Ronnie Scotts

Added on Tuesday 09 September 2008, 19:23 (BST)

Funk Affair - a group featuring Jamiroquai band members Derrick McKenzie, Rob Harris and Paul Turner will be performing together this Sunday (14 September) at Ronnie Scotts club in London's Soho.

"Take a significant portion of Jamiroquai, add some funky REAL together with a dash of hot brass, mixed with some wicked surprises each month, and you have Ronnie Scotts new monthly Funk Night - FUNK-AFFAIR!"

For more information about Funk-Affair please visit the Ronnie Scotts website.  They will also be performing on 5 October and on 9 November.

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I shall be there, am looking forward to it!!!

Have a great time Anna!
say 'hello' to Louise for me ;-)

watch out for there new single - if they play it!!

Enjoy it Anna!!!!! I´m trying to do the gig at 9. november :-) Anyone else????

Go Annina!
U will be shocked to see them playing in that amazing way and the venue is extraordinary!!!!

why doesn't he get the whole band Jamiroquai?

My few words: What can I say? Again, I was blown away with the talent and kindness you would normally see from the boys. I can't add anything more to what we already know, just pure class!!!!

I had tears in my eyes when Daniel Pearce took the band on an amazing journey into "Crazy" by Gnarles Barkley with his astonishing vocals . Louise's voice gets stronger each time I see her and tonight she was like a funky Vonda Shepherd (a compliment in my eyes - love Vonda's strong vocals) and I loved it!. James on keyboards was fresh blood - true funk style! Forgive me, I can't remember the other vocalist's name, but boy - she was great! And mustn't forget the boys on brass - wow, just wow!!!!

I had a wonderful time tonight, though I had to leave early to catch my train (sorry Derrick, Paul, Rob and Louise for not saying goodbye - but it was so lovely to talk to and laugh with you as always ). No news about the next Jamiroquai album, personally I want to be surprised. Strictly no photos either, but a good night had by all, full of funky tunes and vibes

Finally, Dany - it was so lovely to meet you and your friend. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in London and I look forward to seeing you again in the flesh or on facebook

Bring on the funk in November!!!

Excellent Anna!
did they have the houseband - 'Headhunters'??

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