Jamiroquai perform theme tune for BBC television series

Added on Sunday 07 September 2008, 22:21 (BST)

Television channel BBC Two has just started broadcasting a new series called "Charley Boorman: Ireland to Sydney...", where presenter Charley Boorman travels on a motorbike across three continents, 25 countries and over 20,000 miles from Ireland to Australia.

Well, the interesting thing is that Jamiroquai perform the theme tune to this new show.  If you're in the UK you can watch the show on BBC iPlayer, and I'm sure someone will be kind enough to rip the audio of the theme tune, upload it and post a link as a news comment sooner or later.....

Credit: Sarah McCormick

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Good ears Sare.... Good ears

i highly doubt its a new song. there would have been some news posted about this somewhere else prior the show premiering with it

It was definitely a new song. I know a new Jamiroquai song when I hear it!

New or not ? how it sounds ? I wanna hear it !

Definitely new. Sounds a bit like Everybody's Going to the Moon, so light funky and i think a bit electro. Though as it was the opening credits it came and went so quickly it's hard to recall how it went.
I must be losing the jami street cred i earned up over the years and now no one is believing me that this is a new song! in 2002 this would never have happenned. Ezbe - you believe me don't you!!!!

Sarah: I believe you! Its a new track and when the credits roll at the end of the show it says "Theme Tune: Jamiroquai".

good ears plus good eye's for seeing it in the credits, from that small clip i like it! i just wounder weather it'll be called "by any means" or "i'm gonna get there"?

*gets goosebumps* - I love it!!!!!!

A link please ! ;)

"i'm goona get there" or "by any means" lyric's so far

'shaking up the place
every way i can
i'm gonna (get there), by any means

gotta chase the sun
don't care how long i'm gone
i'm gonna (get there), by any means'

sounds good

London Calling ! :) Can we get a link to hear this monday's present?

thank you sarah...great ears ;)

Link please. We american fans have no access to this BBC Player...

please give us a link!

Cool - write de feme tune , sing de feme tune!

Ah - this is the guy who made his name by travelling around with Ewan Macgregor. It has been advertised for about a month now - i never heard it during this time?

like this David??

it's only 30 seconds, like a jingle really ;-)

i think Charley must be a fan as he wears the JK15 Oakley Thumps ion the prog and must have hired our boys!

Thanks Russ ;) what can I say ? Not bad, not excellent. Good bassline and a "fresh" sound. Definitely better than the previous work from the guys. the first and last new sound for me. I'll discover the rest in my room, with a brand new package in my hands. Not through the web. Like oldies.

Me too Funkadelic, Im gonna listen the new stuff when I buy the album in the store.

About the theme tune, I like it, the percussion makes it sound good! I really like it.


Oh I forgot, thanks Russ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No probs D!

just have to say - i don't really like it as it sounds tinny & manufactured, sorry :-(

Well I guess it should, it's only a jingle


Im not afraid of not liking the new album now,i really cant wait now!

Pretty funky!!!!! Great to hear new stuff - I'm getting excited for next album - YAY!!!!


Yeah, pretty cool. I can imagine it breaking down to just the bass line for a while and and sounding really groovy.

Sounds pretty good, although I wouldn't expect it to feature on the next album in any way. It's just a jingle as Dyego mentioned.

I didn't like it that much, is just okay, but it is too short to like it, not too much to like.
i'll wait for the album

anyone managed to get a d/l copy of it, im in the states and cant hear it on the beeb! thanks :)

I bet you feel pretty silly now Mike

Sounds OK:)


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