Aguaviva Canarias Festival concert in Gran Canaria

Added on Friday 13 June 2008, 19:00 (BST)

On Friday evening Jamiroquai return to the stage to perform in Gran Canaria as part of the Aguaviva Canarias Festival.  I currently don't have email access at this time so if you've been to the gig and want to post setlists or links to photos etc., please feel free to post any information as comments to this news item.

Don't forget to check out the Jam Party People and Jamirotalk forums for more reports and news from the gig. 


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Hi David! I can´t send you an e-mail with more information cause I have some problems with Internet in Canary Islands.

The next week I give you details about the gig. The setlist (true, you know) is...

Emergency on Planet Earth
Seven Days
Caned Head
Space Cowboy
Higth Times
Corner Of the Earth
Fils Just Like I Should
Use The Force
Little L
ove Foolosophy
If I Like It
Traveling Without
Deper Underground

16 songs, amazing gig, no AFO hat.

Next week I give you some links about he concert. Cheers for you an all jamirofans.

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