Spanish interviews in advance of Aguaviva Canarias Festival

Added on Thursday 12 June 2008, 22:49 (BST)

Some new interviews with Jay have been published on Spanish websites in advance of the bands gigs this weekend in Gran Canaria and Tenerife as part of the Aguaviva Canarias Festival.

The first is at and the second at - non-Spanish readers may want to use a site such as Babelfish to help with translation.

A few things from the interview may be of interest...

  • New album is planned for release 'next year' (2009).
  • No plans to perform any new material at these gigs - they'll play existing tracks but with some differences.
  • An extensive tour will follow the release of the next album.
  • The band are evolving the sound of their music, much like they have done with previous albums.
Credit: Lola Caballero

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no new material - boooo!

roll on 2009!

that's what I say boooo!

Quick translation of the articles:the band is half-way through the recording of the new material, and the sound is going to be noticeably different.Jk's very excited about it but he's not gonna reveal anything.

Whoever is going to the upcoming shows, have a blast!

Although in the last two articles, Jay directly says it's too early to be playing the new stuff, the official concert site says that the band is promising to play some of their new songs. So... maybe there's hope to get a glimpse?!?

Bobby: I'm sure the temptation to "try something new" will be very difficult to resist for Jay.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens... only a few hours.

can we watch this online??

I nearly broke a rib laughing at the babel translations!!!!

"I assure that night they will listen to well-known songs and some old woman subjects with new adjustments."

Ha hahahahaahahahahahahahaaaaaa


amazing intervs... they already have jay at the front page wearing that amazing penacho head-set

amazing interview

Does someone can give me more informations ? "Evolving the sound" (Rock or Acid Jazz roots ?). "With some differences" (Horns or not ?). Need answers ! :)

ewer? handkerchief ? (The air is always too dry)

They should play some new material. Massive Attacks new album isn't due out until 2009 but just this past week they played 8 new songs at the same gig!...

New Material. Period. Translations were funny and weird at the same time. Can't control my laughter right now...

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