Jay Kay set for movie acting role

Added on Tuesday 27 May 2008, 22:48 (BST)

According to The Internet Movie Database and the Joyto Fillms website, Jay has been cast to play the role of an undercover police officer in a new film called The Finest, which is in development and set for completion/release in 2009.  The Joyto Films website says...

"We are pleased to announce Jay Kay from one of Britain’s biggest and most successful bands Jamiroquai to the film. Jay Kay will play undercover office Paul Thines/ a.k.a. Taylor, the officer who alerts our anti-hero and his people who has targeted them. Jay is excited about the role, even talking about it in a recent interview with women’s magazine Glamour."

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When I think of 'undercover officer', I immediately think of hired entertainment at a bachelorette party...but anyway, I'm curious to see Jay in this role. Really...

its the first time that jay is in a movie right ?

i knew we would see him in the cinema one day..hehe
maybe there are some singing parts? hhahaha

wow this is cool :D

It'll be a bit funny to see Jay on the big screen. I wonder how his acting will be?

Looking forward to it.

Amazing... I have a new role for him : Acid Jazz singer. I'm sure he'll be great.

I wanted just to do my thing
I wanted just to make my life
Have that swing and ooo feel so good
But all they wanna do is mess with my mind



Ahahah this is so funny!!!
Can't wait to see this movie! xD
I'm sure he'll be a great actor!

The director is Solomon Wariso. I wonder if this is the ex athlete of the same name. Solomon Wariso the 400m runner beat Roger Black in the UK trials in 1997 which led to Roger retiring from the sport.

Good comment Valarie, maybe a JMQ-soundtrack :)

interesting ...( kiss hands...)

Jay's First role: Black Capricorn Day Video.

hope , they let him write most of the script ,
then all will be good ...


This is very interesting. I hope he does well...he's not camera shy that's for sure! Soundtrack exclusive tunes please!!!


can i play the role of the robber, please ? :P

Ooooh, I can't wait to see this!!!

He will be great!! he's a born actor whit all those funny facets he always do! Go man make us proud... as usual:))

it's funny, I think jamiroquai fans are the first to know about the film before the rest of the world! XD
please have some influence in the soundtrack!! :)
I always thought he would be a good actor, but I never thought he would do it! I guess it's like Johnny depp in reverse, in how he sings a bit now, and now Jay acts.

Yes. It's true JessiK!

I remember Jay playing his own role for a few minutes in "How to become a rockstar" ( a few episodes), where he kisses Denise... to get his music listened at the record company... very funny!

i remember that too Isablle from luxembourg! I think he'll do well. I'll be looking out for the trailer :D, dvd , etc!

Ahah yeah the video with Denise is funny!
And the sketch with Harry Enfield too xD

could we finally decide to leave that Denise stuff
alone ? Surely he has already loads of new
girl friends and is now waiting for the next bunch

imagening the soundtrack ,my ears are ringing
after having read the description on the website -
this film will need an awful tempo and sparse light.
Jay ,your first symphony .(shiver.)

the black dynamite outfit would be perfect
for an undercover officer in the streets (really my
favourite )

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