Space Pirates do Cosmic Girl!

Added on Wednesday 09 April 2008, 21:10 (BST)

OK, I'm really not sure what to say about this one so here goes... UK childrens television show Space Pirates, which is broadcast on the BBC has some of the characters from the show doing a cover version of Jamiroquai's Cosmic Girl.

Head over to the Space Pirates webpage and click on link to the "Music For A Trip To Space" video near the bottom of the page.  Bizarre!

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Credit: Adrian Deith

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Ahahah Funny!
Here's another one... not as strange as the Space Pirates... but a sweet one with Kermit! x)

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! :-D

:):) so funny :):)

Hahahaha!!! It's certainly... different :S

That was cool.

SOOO FUNNYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

obviously a Jami fan in the Space Pirates crew :P

I liked.

FUNNY!!! Clearly somebody is a fan on the show! Man, I hope JK and the family saw that!

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