Easter Egg hunt at Jamirotalk

Added on Saturday 22 March 2008, 19:08 (GMT)
Jamirotalk Easter Egg Hunt has just added an Easter Egg hunt to the forums of the site.

If you find 12 "eggs" which are hidden in recent posts, you'll get an "easter surprise".  It shouldn't take long to find the eggs and the reward is pretty cool.  There is also the opportunity to win a signed CD.

All the information about how to take part in the 2008 Easter Egg hunt can be found at

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tanks meike

but a bit too much support for another band on a jamiroquai fan forum eh?

Hehehe... Meike needed a prize, we offered ;)
And the CD does have a remix by Derrick on it, so its kind of relevant! Not trying to step on anyone's toes of course :) Your CD is on its way Maxud - hope you dig it.

i feel the funk is coming into my mailbox...

and yes youre right and wrong it isnt jamiroquai but it has jamiroquai influences on it and a remix by derrick.

but when i think about it...
your cd will get a special place in my jamirocollection ;-)

Thankyou Max. Appreciate your support. We know we're not Jamiroquai though... we're just fans like everyone else here - I've been frequenting the Funkin Site for years now. Its just such an honour to be working with Derrick and to have such support from the Jamily - big thanks to David Rowe too!

It's all a great privilege, and we never forget that for a sec - nor do we ever forget just how amazing Jamiroquai is. A truly life changing band for those it touches. :)

They are really amazing once

Happy Easter everyone...

"A truly life changing band for those it touches"...seems too profound...but when it seemed that music in the USA had gotten stale and uncreative....the forces that be made me look into Jamiroquai...and Jamiroquai resurrected my funk...
and turned me onto the the whole world has opened up for me and I'm a new person....hey,...I think I'm getting spiritual! Use the force!! AMEN!

This is so cool! Can't wait to finish!

aaaa..LOVED it!! as every year!
hopefully next year again :D

hope u all had a lovely easter :)

I don't think that's fair if your not a member on the site. I have been trying to get on the site for years. And all you have to do is be a member to join. What can I the non-user can do? Besides just look ?

come on, i am there nearly 24 hours per day to help you with registration problems! contact me: [email protected] and you will be online in less than a few hours!! :)))


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