Additional Russian Audi concert

Added on Saturday 08 March 2008, 22:12 (GMT)
After the concert in Moscow at the end on February, Jamiroquai once again performed a gig for Audi - this time Saint Petersburg on Thursday night (6 March).  Read all about it, including some photos and a video from when the band performed at an after-party event over at

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Pepela - I'm so excited for you that you were able to go to the concert and meet the boys!!!!! Great stuff JMQ and can't wait to hear the new album in 2009 - don't forget to tour (and of course, don't forget Australia - we're a long way away but well worth it).


Nice to see Sola on stage... Why didn't he play with the band ? It sounds like a wedding party with a VIP band here to enjoy the crowd. Funny : the right handed hi-hat on drums. Jay, come back to the roots, stop commercial events.

This was not a concert, but an after-party.... Jay and the band went on stage cos the cover-band that played there was terrible.... so jamiroquai didn't play on their own instruments... and there was no percussion... so sola couldn't play....

Ok Phil P. ;) Funny story. that's why keyboards sounded horrible and Derrick played with a right handed drumset.

But if there was percussion then we wouldn't have a chance to hear Sola singing)) so God bless that terrible band and their bad singing/playing for making Jamiroquai getting on stage))

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