Sola Akingbola interview on Open Air Radio

Added on Tuesday 05 February 2008, 20:00 (GMT)
Routes to Roots cover artwork

Jamiroquai percussionist Sola Akingbola will be the special guest on the African Essence radio show that will be broadcast on OpenAir Radio on Thursday 7 February between 5 and 6pm (GMT). 

"African Essence is a music/arts show featuring hottest new music & classics from African and her wider diaspora from traditional routes to electronic shoots."

Sola will be talking about his recently released album Routes To Roots, Jamiroquai and his life in music.

Log onto to listen to the show - and if you miss it do not worry as it will be accessible on the site for a month shortly afterwards.

UPDATE (9 Feb): Please refer to the comments added to this news story - there was some confusion over dates/times (oh, and station!). 

Credit: Debbie Outerglobe

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go solá!!!

Cool, I will make sure to listen in.

Cool, go there Sola! You really deserve it :)

Guys and gals I am SO sorry - for some crazy reason I put the wrong show - we do two - Open Air Radio on alternate Thursdays (feb 7, 21 etc) and Resonance Fm 104.4fm every Thursday 7.15-8pm AND MY TERRIBLE MISTAKE - SOLA was on RESONANCE FM on Thursday.

IF ANY OF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HEAR THE SHOW Please email me at outerglobe (atsign) and as soon as we have the download link I'll make it available to you.

Sola is great guy - very interesting answers. We played a couple of tracks from his album and also Space Cowboy

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