Jay Kay Audi RS4 promotional car for sale

Added on Saturday 26 January 2008, 06:53 (GMT)
Jay Kay and Audi RS4 motor car in 2000
Every now and then we hear news that one of Jay's previous cars is sold or he's added a new one to his collection.  Well, this one is slightly different... Back in 2000 Jay purchased an Audi RS4 car to add to his collection and at the same time appeared in an audi press release photo advertising the fact.  Well, the car the question (the one he was photographed with - not the car he actually bought) is currently listed at eBay.
Credit: Adrian Deith

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how do you find theses things? nowhere in the listing are JMQ even mentioned, anyway nice motor

so jay is selling another of his cars ?

Ground breaking, bomb shell news I'm sure we all agree

i think this is his 'pov' car!
he uses it to tootle around in as i remember asking him if he still had it at the Motorsport experience last year. Could have been the purple one though?

anybody know where can someone find that same picture but bigger?

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