Jay at Kate Moss' birthday party

Added on Thursday 17 January 2008, 16:56 (GMT)
Jay was spotted (by the UK's press) when he attended model Kate Moss' birthday party in London on Wednesday evening.  More information and photos can be found at Jam Party People.
Credit: Samantha Yemm

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jay goes to a 34-hours-drug-party with MUCH cocaine???
is he really away from that stuff???

two words: rock star!

one word: stupid

Jay Kay! I think he went to have fun..not with cocaine

Maybe he's looking for his cosmic girl??? you know party party!!!!

Don't worry guys i can absolutely assure you all he's keeping himself out of the powder, i'm a close friend and know he dosen't touch it anymore!
Chill out!!

bleh partying with Kelly OSBOURNE!!!!!!! yukkk jk

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