Christmas message from Paul Turner

Added on Saturday 22 December 2007, 16:58 (GMT)
Paul Turner

Jamiroquai bass player Paul Turner has asked me to post the following message to all Jamiroquai fans....

Hi everyone

I'd like to wish all fans and friends of the band a happy and healthy new year.

As you know it's been a quiet one for Jamiroquai but plans are now in place to really kick on with new recording in the new year and later some live work too.

We're all really excited about a busy year and hope to be sharing some new tunes to groove to soon.

Have a great Christmas or whatever is your thing. 

Lots of love


x Paul


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u too mate have a merry christmas!

how sweet:)))
a wonderfull Christmas and begin of new year to him him!
great news thanks Paul

thank you very much, happy christmas or whatever is your thing too!

Thnak you, and I hope that U.S. is included in that tour, I d love to meet jay kay again!!!

Cool, I can't wait to hear something new :) I remember the first time I heard Seven Days in Sunny June...I got shivers from how amazing it sounded! Maybe they will do something like that again where they play a bunch of clips from the album on Radio 1 in the UK.

Now that is a nice Xmas present!

Thanks Paul, we as fans really appreciate this message :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too :)


Hope you have a FANTASTIC Christmas & New Year and can't wait to hear the new JMQ tunes :) :) :)


Thanks Paul. Looking forward to 08. Merry Christmas to all Jamirofans out there too.

thanks steve..merry chrismas to u too..

and thanks to paul of course for the best thing he could tell us :)
have a lovely x-mas aswell and hope to see u back on stage soon :)))

david..the x-mas layout is just funkin :D

Thanks for this lovely message Paul!
Merry Xmas & happy new year to you too!
I hope to see you soon with the band!!!
Best wishes :)
Angie xxx

Let it snow ! Let it snow ! Let it snow Paul ! all the best for all of you Funkers :)

Thank u very much for the message Paul!

Have a wonderful, creative and happy 2008!

All the best wishes to u and the people u love!

And to all the funkers: hope u all are filled with peace and happiness at this very moment!

Wishing a safe and blessed holiday !!!


Merry Christmas to everyone!

happy holidays to the band, fans and everyone else. bring on 2008...i am so ready!

Thanks so much dear Paul. We hope a great jamiro-2008.

¡Feliz Navidad! for you, all the band and everyone,

THANKS PAUL wish you a merry christmas. We hope all your dreams become true on 2008.

love from Chile

Thanks for the message Paul! I hope that 2008 is a great year for the band :)

Happy holidays to everyone!!!! Thanks Paul for your lovely message. Looking forward to 2008!

Merry christmas and a happy new year to Paul and all fans. Can't wait to hear the new stuff x

merry Xmas, and happy new year jamiroquai group and all fan , I'm french, has when a tour in france? pleassssed quickly

merry Christmas, happy o-8 :)

Thank you, Paul! Merry Christmas, peace and blessings to all in the new year!!!

By the way, thank you too David for the heads up!!!

Thanks for taking the time and the thought to send greetings via funkin. Nice one Paul. Wishing you and your's the best too.

Thanks a lot, I'm really proud of you guys have a happy NEW YEAR.

Just make sure you come back to Scotland when you tour - you know the reception you get will be superb as always - all the very best for 2008, canna wait to hear the new tunes!

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