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Added on Wednesday 07 November 2007, 22:38 (GMT)
Routes to Roots cover artwork

Jamiroquai percussionist Sola Akingbola has recently released a album of percussion called "Routes to Roots: Yoruba Drums from Nigeria".

"Yoruba folk music is renowned for its advanced drumming. Although there are a plethora of drums the music is based mainly around the use of hourglass-shaped tension drums or dundun. It is this music that forms the basis of the West-African influence in diasporic musical styles typical of Latin America, the Caribbean and especially Cuba. The iyaalu is the lead drum used in a drumming ensemble; it is made to ‘talk’ in such a way that the sound of Yoruba, which is a tonal language, is skillfully imitated."

More information about the album can be found at the ARC Music website. 

In addition to the ARC website, the album is available now to download from iTunes UK (and other international iTunes music stores).  The physical CD can be ordered from stores including ARC Music, and, where it has an official UK release date of 19 November.

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I have listen the previews of Ninu Opon Ori Tiwa and Olukumi, I think the album will be interesting, I hope to buy the tracks soon on Itunes, thanx David for the news :)

what can i say???


From Nigeria, Mister Sola A"king"bola. Hope you will share your vibes with jamiroquai soon (instead of this annoying and cold computer ;)

Just listened to the clips on ARC Music site - utterly marvellous!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Excellent work, Sola!

From one African lion(also a leo) to another I say that's great news, I applaude the bratha. Good luck and best wishes
Peace,Love and funky vibes

Great news!
A rythem legend - I'll be ordering a copy straight away.

Congratulations Sola! You make such gorgeous music!

Congratulations, and all the best mate.

So, when can i order the CD? Very fascinating sounds from the "Sola System"! Peace and blessings to you, Sola! Hope to hear more Jamiro-sounds from you really soon!

wishing you so much luck and love with this project sola! great to see it all happen :)
kenneth - i thought that ARC had it available now for order? i am not sure about their shipping and such and the price of theirs is a bit more than the others. i got mine immediately through itunes.

SOOOOLA ...Akingbola!! the personified groove :)))

With reference to the 'on this day...'
Jay mentioned on stage that he had the shingles. It was a wicked gig, but with almost out any dancing. The crowd were shouting for Jay to dance, in which he did bust a 'couple' of moves.
Attire: grey fleece top, blue cords, blue and gold leather pumas.
Sorry for the hijack!

Congrats SOLA. Jamiroquaiis nohisg withour Mr. Sola AKINGbola

woops, I went to the 1994 gig...

Congrats Sola. I'll write Santa and hopefully I'll get a CD for Christmas. :-)

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