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Added on Thursday 01 November 2007, 13:48 (GMT)
Derrick McKenzie

Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie has posted a new blog entry to his MySpace site.  In addition to taking about the work he's doing with artists Sophie Delila and Nude Continuum (he's just done another remix for them that is on his main MySpace page) he gives an update on Jamiroquai...

"...really looking foraward to getting back in the studio with the guys and dong jamiroquai stuff once again and taking the whole thing up another notch!!!!!!!!""I have been practising and listening to a load of different things lately right across the board so getting influences from all avenues of music, which i really would love to express in the next Jamiroquai album for you guys!!!!!!!!! Very Excited indeed about this next album, we will take our time to get this one right on the money and make sure all the tracks are slamming one way or the other. All being well we will start writing in the next couple of months and i will keep you updated with how we are getting on so watch this space as well as all the other spaces that include the band!!!!!!!!"

Derrick's full blog entry, which I think is well worth reading ;) can be read at MySpace.  Derrick's MySpace 'site' can be found at 

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once again derrick doing his best to keep us up to date

thanks :D

It's all good Derrick, the Jamiro-family are a (somewhat) patient bunch. You and the guys please take your time with the funk, no rush. But a little sample before the new year wouldn't hurt either! Thanks David for the one-up!

Lovely, lovely Derrick! Thank you for the update!!!!

you got the rhythm Mr McKenzie!!! show off with a new album!!!

"I really want to thank David Rowe for keeping us all together and up to date with the bands happenings over the past year ..."

YESSSSSSS!!!!! agreed :)

Agreed Sandriche.
I'm taking bets for a 2010 release.

what kind of 2010 release u mean zed??? :)
i like the word " release" hahah





Derek is always the man with the great news in detail! Can't wait!

You are a champ Derrick - thanks so much for keeping us updated - sound like an exciting time for yourself and the band :) :) :)

(New mummy to Annika)

Thanks so much for your story on my space Derrick,it was so great. My son will be 12 next month.He was obsessed with the digeridoo at age 6. We decided to buy him one,after 1 year of playing the vacuum cleaner pole(really well)LOL! Then he wanted to learn drums age 9.We waited another year meanwhile he nagged us constanly.Thanks to ebay we picked one up very cheap he's still playing two years later.This year he's taken up the trumpet.Next week he'll be playing drums on Mon and Trumpet Tue at school concerts.It's an obsession for all you muso's from the begining...Congrats also.Samantha new Mum, play the bub lots of different music starting at birth and she too will get into the groove.

Yo yo yo!!! It's great great hearing from Derrik again I've always thought that as long as the core of Jamie stick together (meaning Jay & Derrik) which seems to be the way it is right now , that good ol' Jamiroquai funk will never die. Thanks David for passing on this li'l tit bit appreciate it
Peace, Love & funky vibes to all.

A newbie referred to funkin as her JamiroBible, and rightly so. Ditto Sandriche's comments.

And Derrick, thanks for remembering that there we are hungry and waiting for your news and the fruits of the band's labours. Heh, heh, taking it up a notch - I'm melting at the thought.

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