Jay in Turin shooting a video...

Added on Tuesday 23 October 2007, 08:49 (BST)

A number of photos of Jay taken in Turin (Italy) over the past few days filming a video/commercial have been posted online.  There is no information on what the video shoot was actually for, although it may well be some more promotion for Clarion.

The photos and more information can be found at the following sites Jamitaly, Jam Party People and Jamirotalk. 

Credit: Filippo, Samantha Yemm

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Wow! Lots of nice photos. But I seems to he getting fat isn't it?

Eh, he's stood to eat a few more fish sandwiches for the past couple of years IMO. Nothing wrong with that, just don't go nuts:)

He looked a bit miffed (probably tired of waiting around for production to get in gear so to speak); still making moves around the globe though! JK featuring Italdesign in 'Hyperzoom!'

I think it was the shorter photographer that had him 'miffed', you can see there was an exchange of words and the taller bloke reacting to it as well.

It's Mr. Pope who could have put on a bit of weight not Sir. But give 'em a break, it looks it was a dry, bright, cold day and they were snuggled into those jackets.

The car is just to die for isn't it ??? I'm off the colour silver, so I'll order mine in mushroom metallic.

That other photo looked as if he was putting his cigarette butt in the plants. And I got caught doing it look. But Jay looked like he was wearing a bowling shirt of mine.And rolled out of bed.

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