Jamiroquai to give music away for free?

Added on Tuesday 09 October 2007, 12:03 (BST)

After the recent news item about Jamiroquai signing up to AllDigDown where they can sell music directly to fans, the Daily Telegraph newspaper (UK) is reporting that Jamiroquai are rumoured to be thinking about selling music for little or no money at all.  This is exactly what Radiohead have recently done, giving fans the opporunity to pay whatever price they want for their album.

"The performers that give away their music for free are expected to make their money from sales of concert tickets and merchandise.

"They’ll all be thinking about it now," said Stuart Clarke at Music Week. "Any big name that is out of contract such as Jamiroquai and Oasis will now see it as an option."

The full article can be read at the Telegraph website.

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Yeah, Telegraph seems to be the one who really cares about what will happen in near future in music industry. Some big things are going to happen and I`m happy that Prince`s 12 years effort of freeing the music from non-musicians companies become true these days!

This would be great.. Why don't Jay or the others give us some information of their plans??

Is it possible ? The next Jamiroquai album for free ? I can't believe it !

I'm "pround" to pay for a Jamiroquai album. Internet is going to kill the music cause all is virtual. That's we're livin' in...

Thanx David ;-)

Sjoerd i think that they are thinking bout the music rather than how to release it

and how did the radiohead album work?

I WANT to pay for an album of my favorite band.


David, I WANT TO PAY FOR THEIR TIRELESS EFFORT AND HARD WORK. Jamiroquai is truly a real band whose sounds are not some cheap form of lifeless elevator music. These cats funk/rock out multiple countries at ANY given time! They have especially changed my life and my direction of how music really should be: alive, fresh and straight groovin. If they do give away their tunes, let it be some extremely rare sounds or downloads exclusive to their new site venture. Now I love their new way of distributing, don't get me wrong, it just 'feels so good' holding an original copy of their work in hand! Case in point: I recently won a new copy of the Multiquai Intel promotion on Ebay. Imagine a sweet, almost rare Jamiro promo in the palm of your hand. And its yours to keep. Just magical. Be smart about your music JK and Jamiro family!

this whole online and virtual wave is gonna end up killing music and what it means.


I'll be paying for it whether it's free or not! Like Funkadelic said, I appreciate the time and expertise Jamiroquai put into their music, so they deserve a little something for it all!

I would hope that genuine fans would pay for the album. Re: the Radiohead album....

"Radiohead fans across the world are willing to cough up for the band's new album despite being given the option of getting it for free, if posts on music message boards are to be believed."

Here's a link to another interesting article - from The Times newspaper (UK) a few days ago. It doesn't mention Jamiroquai but does cover the same subject as the other news stories. The title of the article is 'The day the music industry died'.

Hello there,

Indeed this is GREAT news, but of course their are pros and cons involved. Concerning the industry itself, the labels have manipulated their artists for TOO LONG (I.E. Through shady backdoor sales to corporate America and the world of their artist's music and reporting the royalities to their owners, their artists), inflated the basic prices of CDs, interfered with artists whilest they are deep into your creative processes and just done "bad business practices" for nay of at least 50 years (I.E. Most notably using the RIAA and other world music organizations to punish music downloaders merely based on their outdated copyright law while CONTRADICTING themselves by using the same technology to sell their artist's music at 1$ per track, which according to some reports I have read, the label grosses at least 80-90 cents of the 1$ download, less than 10-20 cents of each one ACTUALLY gets to the artist in the end, that is MAJORLY UNFAIR!). Artists with more control of their music and proper royalty reports and delivery of them to them is MUCH more important than the labels scrambling to contain new technologies for their benefit of higher profitability of their products (I.E. P2P, Bit Torrent and others). So more power to this yet another "one large step" for music distribution and selling, even if the money they make isn't of the "corporate label lead high volumes", the established artists whom are free to do whatever the hell they want creatively off label are simply giving back to their fanbases whom had to succumb to the high cost of supporting their favorite artists under the unfair laws of the industry. This is the world we currently live in, so be it perceived as fair & balanced OR merely aschew badly to mess things up, you got to accept it in whatever way you want. Cheers David as always, look forward to slapping my greenback down, in whatever personal judgement of amount, for new Jami!


"50:50 is a partnership, 90:10 is employment!" Prince

Music industry always had a chance to make a partnership with musicians, but they never did so gossip about killing music industry is always shooting in their own lines!

Go musicians go! And let your music rights belong to your own and yes - let the folks, fans and listeners judge how high is a quality of your work! The same as we do as a choir - we always have a voluntary admissions and the decision how good we are is made by those who attend the concert and not by anyone from the 3rd parties.

I hope and believe that artists may earn more money from direct distribution and I also believe that this biggest change in music industry ever not killing industry itself.

We will see. Good luck every brave and bold musicians! I hope you (and we all) win this battle!

"I'm "pround" to pay for a Jamiroquai album. Internet is going to kill the music cause all is virtual. That's we're livin' in..."

If Jamiroquai follow Radiohead's example, you WILL still be able to pay for a 'hard copy' version.

They're also offering a boxset collection, which includes the CD, a second CD with extra material, a heavyweight vinyl version of the album, and a hardcover booklet with lyrics and other material for £40.

I think its a smart move. If you're a fan and you want something special to hold in your hands you've got it, if you just want the music, you've got that too (for a cheaper price or even nothing).

Artists know their stuff is going to be ripped and put online anyway. At least this way they get some control over the quality of what gets put out there.'s also interesting to note that this is the first Radiohead album since OK Computer that hasn't been leaked onto the internet before its release date.

Yeah you're right Andy but I talk about a massive movement : internet is a good tool for many things but, I'm a bit old school I know, concerning the music "industry", it's ONLY used for marketing. And I don't like "the extra's" material, second CD... It looks like a big market where you don't know where to go. Unfortunately, they can do all they want, there will be always thieves. So they have to take the time they need, do the stuff they like, following the directions of their souls. That's all. The culture has a price. Talent too.

There's something about parting with my hard earned money for the latest Jamiroquai hit that send's a tingle down my spine. To echo the sentiments of the people above me, free or not, I have no problem paying for something that pleases the ear's. End of.

I think is great..I must admit that before to buy a 25 euro cd I always download the tracks I wanna era and if is something really good and I believe the artist deserve MY money I also buy the this is perfect for me.
I too like to buy JMQ albums but not to have them in my hands but 'cause I like to give my money to people that do a good job!
is like saying: Ok I believe in you and invest X on your work! But if is true that the buyer will decide the price this is still possible.
I think is nice and they did it ( or will do) also for fans..I mean while HT was out I had to decide between the Cd or the DVD 'cause they were expensive instead for 5 dollars each I would have both now!

""but not to have them in my hands but 'cause I like to give my money to people that do a good job!""

I second that.

And don't forget in most cases its the record companies that take the biggest cut of that $$ you hand over at the counter, so unless I'm mistaken, this new method cuts out the middle man and means better earnings for the artists themselves (as long as you're willing to pay at least something!).

Sounds like a great idea for an established band with a following, not sure about someone just starting out. Without record labels, maybe new artists will just have to put in some hard yards and build up a reputation at a local level - like the old days!

Here's some interesting reading about record contract percentages, etc:

The Northeastern News (my campus newspaper) actually had a column on this...the writer mentioned other bands rumored to be doing this such as Oasis and...'Jamiriquoi.'

An e-mail has been sent to her inbox:P

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