Jay holds a house party this past weekend

Added on Monday 10 September 2007, 22:11 (BST)

BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles (who presented a show from Jay's house in May 2005) revealed on his radio show on Monday that Jay held a large party in the grounds of his house this past weekend.

Apparently there was a large marquee set up in the garden, people were riding on Jay's mini-motorbikes (as seen in the Seven Days In Sunny June promo video) and some lucky visitors even got to have helicoptor rides! 

Credit: Rowan Mason

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Does anybody know why there was a party and why I was not there?

LOL @ Sjoerd


umm, i dunno! i want to live in there

Aye, I join Sjoerd's comment. Don't understand why this party minger ;) was n't invited neither. No seriously, I hope they all had a GREAT time, a joyful time, an exciting time, a massive time, a smashing time, ... (finding my way through my new dictionary...)

a wee snog from Krisje


Hmmm...celebrations at J's place, hmmm, I wonder for what reasons, some scenarios run through my head...

- Celebrating the beginning or ending of successful new Jamiroquai studio sessions at Chillington for the new album with a 2008 release?

- The new album being in the tin and they have successful negotiated a one album release deal with a big label for 2008 music season for the new album?

- OR they could just be fulfilling their rich inhibitions and just partied it up for no apparent reasoning?

In any case, I had they had great time! Cheers to Chris Moyles for this blurb! Cheers!


...(I wish was in England)...(sigh)...

They had a party and they didn't invite me. How rude. Honestly some people...

So Jay Kay's playing Jay Gatsby again, I see. XD

Damn money!

Great Ideas jamirofan...Hopefully getting all psyched up maybe for the Montreaux promotions or the start of a new era?
Blast! I was only driving past a few wekends ago, should have got a flat tyre!

I bet they all had a sort of orgy and smoking party!!! Lol
Jay Knows how to have a good party and the house His is absolutely huge!!!

Rob sometimes posts in here, he should reply to this and tell us what was the big reunion about! LOL
How curious... you know... we are fans, what are you gonna do about it? ^^


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