Colorado band to cover Jamiroquai for halloween show

Added on Thursday 06 September 2007, 22:59 (BST)

US band The Motet (based in Boulder, Colorado) have recently announced that for their annual halloween concert they will be playing the music of Jamiroquai.  Each year they pick a band to cover and this year they have chosen Jamiroquai.

More details about the band can be found at their MySpace site and details about the halloween gig can be found at their blog.

Credit: Ben Taylor

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motet-esto en el fundillo

i'm just watching frank zappa's halloween concert!
...if that means something...

That's awesome! I hope they do a great job covering the songs.. Hopefully we will be able to see some sort of recording of this online afterwards-->maybe?...

I've heard of them but never got into them, from what I heard from thier website, they have a pretty good sound. I knew they're a "jam-band" and play a lot of live shows...I'm assuming thier Halloween concert will be in Colorado, I think it's great that they are going to cover JMQ........especially 'cause they are an Amercian band! ......great news ...thanks!

all the shows are in colorado - and there is sure to be tapers - so ill keep you all posted with where you can DL it if and when it is taped and released on the internet. cant wait to see two full sets of jamiroquai!

I've never heard of this group and i'm in CO...still I say...ain't nothing like the real thing baby!

another link to the halloween announcement - funk yeah!!

Thanks for the extra link. I like this quote:

"The Motet has been a perennial favorite in this region for years, and each year they bless the region with their Halloween trick that is certainly a rare treat. After choosing a particular artist ,the band nails down an interpretation of them that is unparallel.
The Halloween show by the Motet is not just a show but an event in and of itself. Nothing says Halloween in Colorado like the annual shows by the Motet."

yeah - their covers are pretty great - one of my faves was when they did prince's "when doves cry" but it was a total latin/funk makeover - a lot of fun!

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