So You Think You Can Black Devil Car...

Added on Friday 20 July 2007, 07:14 (BST)

In February of this year Amerian Idol television show contestant Blake Lewis sung Virtual Insanity.  Then in May, Canned Heat was one of the tracks featured by the house band on Dancing With The Stars.

Now on FOX TV show So You Think You Can Dance, contestant Hok danced to Black Devil Car.  The routine wasn't good enough to keep him in the competition, but it is interesting to see Jamiroquai tracks being used on TV shows, especially in countries where the band are not as popular.

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I am (also) a fan of Roisin Murphy and I can assure that YTYCDance provides instant popularity to the autors of the songs played! She gained lot of popularity through the States after her Ramalama was selected as a background for a routine.
So I hope it will be the same for Jay & Co.!!!

Although I missed it, This is great news, as that is one of my favorite tracks from Dynamite! .....thanks for the info....I'll have to catch up with it on You Tube now...

=) i love black devil car.. but its hard to dance that song you know.

"...wasn't good enough to keep him in the competition.."

i would say...well done!! wow

My hubbie & I have been watching the show every week & knew it was Hok's time to go but once I heard that he chose Jamiroquai I wanted him to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canned Heat (or another song) once played in Pimp My Ride.

Wow, it's nice to see that they're songs are getting airtime some way in the States. I was just watching "Best Week Ever" on VH1 and I heard "You Give Me Something" in the background on one of the segments! They always play Jamiroquai songs... Maybe the crew are big fans.

Is there really no news except to just let us know that Jamiroquai have been featured on some dum t.v. talent show, you know the ones we all love to hate. I mean i am sure Jay Kay would be absulutely exctatic to know that one of his tracks had been played on one of those he really would. Is there like any news on when their next album might or will be coming out? And what of the Kay himself, what is he actually up to at this moment in time? We never here what we want to hear these days which is really crap. Come on peeps lets get some good news rolling in again, what is really going on?

The only news on the next album is what the other bandmembers mentioned in recent myspace blogs (back to start writing sometime later this year). As for other news, there was a story a few days ago about Jay and Paris Hilton - which I chose not to put on the site...

virtual insanity was featured on the american sitcom Jake in progress

this guy is awesome idon't know why he lose's redicioluse...he was dancing to Jamiroquai he had to win :(

Little L was played in Argentina in a show called "Bailando por un sueño" (our sh%t version of Dancing with the stars) They were dancing disco, of course and they did it really good. The funny thing is that in this show, the band it's just an accesory, they never play for real. So, you had to see them pretending, as if they were making those glorious sounds. They sounded just like Jami, hehe.

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