Jay at the Salon Prive luxury car show

Added on Monday 16 July 2007, 14:48 (BST)

A number of photos of Jay taken last week at the Salon Prive event (for luxury cars) at the Concours d'Elegance Awards Dinner can be found at the Jam Party People forum at

This event is in aid of Cancer Research and was held at the Hurlingham Club in London.  Jay's Maserati Frua car won one of the awards at this high profile event.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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All in a good cause!

Another day for the Space Cowboy to play! JK surely looked like he enjoyed himself, so did the lovely ladies!

Good Jay! :D

the horrible irony is he's smoking in almost every picture. goooooo cancer research!

Yeah, I know. that is very bad!
The cigarette is always there with Jay.. =(


Hehe, JK.....lots of trophies....and lots of ladies....and all for charity! But haven't you noticed that JK's eyes seems to getting smaller and "beadier" looking? Cheers as always Brother David ;)!


indeed so JamiroFan...Must be all the booze and NO WORK DONE YET!!!!ccccc

[email protected], i agree.. Stop da flouncy flouncin about the town and give us some jami jamin ! hehe ..
But seriously Beautiful car & well done on the award notch... :P

Well done Jay...but now we need new funkin' tunes!

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