Canned Heat on Napoleon Dynamite video game

Added on Friday 13 July 2007, 09:10 (BST)
After the recent story of Jamiroquai tracks being included on forthcoming video game Boogie, hot on its tails is Napoleon Dynamite on the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS.  Although the film is a few years old the video game is set to be released in September and according to a preview of the game at includes a dancing section to the sounds of Canned Heat.
Credit: Pedro :)

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a Nap Dyn game sounds like it could be fun and well done Pedro for digging this up :P

What on earth could the game napoleon dynamite be about? i didn't have much clue what the movie was about?. Be interesting to see.. and at least there's good music. good to see :P

Maree i totally agree with you. Watched it the other day for the first time and i didnt get it :-s The dance though i got and the song lol :-)

About two years too late...that being said, any game that involves launching raccoons at finicky alpacas for punishment sounds good in my book:P

i really wanna know that game, must be funny

i trully don`t give a damn about nintendo, that`s my opinion, f*ck mario bros

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