Official Jamiroquai Tribute Band?

Added on Thursday 24 May 2007, 23:18 (UTC)

According to the Wiltshire Times newspaper website (UK), a band called Jamirrorquai, who claim to be "The Official Jamiroquai Tribute Band" are playing a gig in Swindon (UK) on Friday (25 May).

I've not heard of an "official" Jamiroquai tribute band before, and I'd be suprised if the bands management have either! 

Credit: Stephen Brown

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Ja "Mirror" Quai... damn, those are a helluva creative minds ¬¬



yeh I agree good name.. clever!!.. don't know what they sound like and i am too far away to see.. hope they do well tho..

Kids should be doing their own sound

oh my god...

how much people will cover jamiroquai???

im tired of hearing uncreative people...

I agree, It's fine to cover songs, but I wouldn't call my band a name so close to Jamiroquai's.

Very smart variation on the name, and never forget 'folks' that mimicry is the highest form of compliment.

I wish them luck !!! Jan, 'Quanna and I are doing back up - now isn't that a nice surprise, perhaps that's where they thought they got the 'official' label from.

Newbie Pitfall Warning: (For those of you not associated with my sense of boredom) - the last statement is bordering on guilty side of 'kidding with sheer disregard').

Related to this i heard in my local JJB Sports today(in Leeds)a cover version of Seven Days in Sunny June, musical arrangement was ok but i'm not so sure about the singer......anyone else heard this? They were playing a whole cd of cover versions by the way.

"Ja "Mirror" Quai... damn, those are a helluva creative minds"
on JPP their singer first presented himself as "Jarimoquai"
i haven't heard any of their music,but their singer looks like a serious JK-wannabe...

Hey NO ONE should copy Jamiroquai.....Jay is too original!

Hey I'm not a Jay Jay wanna be honey, I am just me, I get told i look and sound like him all the time, so i make money from it, nothing more nothing less, I am just lil ole me, and some of you really need to get on with things, i mean everyone has the right to do what they want, im not copying Jamiroquai, im doing glorified karaoke, just with a live band, and playing to the fans of his music with songs written by him. its no different then other bands featured on this site from around the world.

Keep Dancing


well "honey" no one said it was bad...i just stated my opinion in a way that,it seems,i shouldn't have....

Hmmm Jamirrorquai, indeed, clever bandname but would they REALLY count as "Jamiroquai's OFFICIAL cover band". There are SO MANY known Jami cover bands worldwide to count, so I highly doubt they have the Jay Kay "Buffaloman seal of approval". In any case, that is pretty cool news, I hope they post their performances on YouTube or something soon! Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

who cares! dont like the idea, dont go and see them. i would have thought it was a compliment anyway


Tribute band fun should not to be judged so negatively, it would obviously be either fun or money that motives them. So good luck to them and their self defined glorified karaoke act.

However, I am sure this tribute band, like all other tribute bands, rely on being a curiosity attraction more than they are a crowd drawing act appreciated for their own specific artistry.

They perform to an unselected cross section of the general public, and not specifically an audience comprised predominantly of fans loyal to the band being impersonated. So I can confidently guarantee that this tribute band in particular are not playing, even remotely, for the sake of any Jamiroquai fans.

I personally would welcome the chance to witness a Jamiroquai tribute band perform, because no matter what your arguement may be about the legitimacy of this practice, there's no escaping that it is an appraisal of one form and some clean, wholesome lightheartedness.

Mac's (Mr. not the JJ wannabe's) impersonation of Jamiroquai could never be as accurate as his aptitude to shoot himself in the foot, and Niagra Falls, by patronizing the misinterpreting die-hard fans on this site.

And I'm sure that the tribute band leader means that people's remarks about his impersonation is not 'like' and more akin to 'mildly similar' to the original artist. (It's difficult for me to put their names together in one paragraph - bear with me darlings).

Mac's affectionate referral to his senility explains nothing about himself when he is practically a complete stranger to the main stream here. His personal traits and fame are as illustrious and extensive as the quality and circumference of the parameters tangible by the tip of his index finger.

The audacity with which the casually delivered terminology Mac has addressed Jamily with, is on par with, and shares the same vagueness and vulgarity as the pitiful claim of being an 'official' tribute band.

If I were Mac, I would be reassured that the band of Jamiroquai are good humoured, and would be pleasantly entertained by the impersonation effort. But I'm sure in the deeply, nitty gritty, legal wrangle and tangle of British law that the term of 'official' should be used with more prudence than passion.

I would like to cordially respond to Mac's sign-off advising him to 'keep dancing', but it must be highly unprobable with gaping self inflicted gun shot wounds, especially the one that smitherened his pedatarsals.

Smile Party People, and let's be nice to every one - life is too short.

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