JamiroX relaunch

Added on Friday 04 May 2007, 22:49 (BST)

After opening its doors in 2005 the forums have recently had a change of administrators and would like to welcome any Jamiroquai fans to talk about the band.

Why not go and visit and say hello. 

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Thx David


ill join tonight looks like a nice clean forum and nice to be able to have personalized Avatar and signature that you cant have on PP :(

congratulations fra U 're like the cheese on the maccaroni....ehhehehehe! im kidding!
Good luck sunshine :)

hehe FRA FRA Davîd a big hug to you was nice to see this warm welcome for the new Admin on X

Congratulation Fra! Great job as always

It's yours now? Where's Cat? Sam? Pietro? The rest of the Aussies?

No Pete, it's not mine.
Sammy is always with us. Mike s off for a period (i hope a short one) He'll come back, JamiroX cannot be the same without OUR Cat! heheheh :)
Hey Suzie, ready 2 run? ;)

Great news Fra and Suz!! Goodluck!!

I'm here - I'm always here lol :) :) :)


it´s in good hands while mike is away! how many forums are u moderator or admin now?? LOL

Thank you very much mister Row,

Oliver from Paris

Fra is our Jamiroqueen ;)

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