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Added on Thursday 03 May 2007, 11:12 (BST)
Over in Europe the Gumball Rally continues to roll through the streets of many countries, with Jay Kay being one of the drivers for the Adidas team.  There is lots of news and videos from the rally appearing all over the web but one story of interest was published today (Thursday) in The Times newspaper (UK) which looks at how different countries have welcomed (or not welcomed) the participants of this years rally...When the cars visited Germany just after the start of the event they did not get the welcome they were expecting:"En route from London on Sunday on the 3,000-mile "cultural tour" that costs £28,000 to enter, the Gumballers and their Ferraris, Lamborghinis, ice-cream vans and taxis were on their way to Frankfurt airport to be flown to Istanbul when they were pulled over by the German police at the border. The officers took away the keys of the first 50 drivers and fined each of them.."As a result of this, Turkey refused the cars to drive on their roads.  Albania on the other hand has welcomed the 240 drivers of this years rally:Sali Berisha, the Albanian Prime Minister, said: "I guarantee the organizers of our highest esteem and willingness to fully support Gumball 3000 in its endeavour in Albania."According to the organisers of the rally they say it is not a race but a "cultural international tour", where "All vehicles are abiding by all laws and road regulations....The event is not a competition nor a race and is not illegal whatsoever."The full article can be read at the TimesOnline website.  Updates from various sources will also be posted to the official site and Jamirotalk forums.
Credit: Deesha Dyer

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did jay get caught up in all this?

Don't think so.

Doesn't look like he's taking the normal route. He drove straight to Bratislava from Frankfurt rather than flying to to Istanbul then driving to Athens and then onto Bratislava.

Care you jay

laughing my ass off!!!

Can you imagine the one person taking the most exotic cars of the road.
And him driving home in his Fiat Panda, telling his wife totally exited about his day!!!!:)

LOL!!!! Ice Cream vans indeed!!! "A Cherry Brandy (ice lolly) anyone?"

As Gumball is turning into "Crashball", it turns out Jay & Nigel made the smartest move: have a nice ride in a cool car and stay out of trouble. Well done, guys!

"Albanian Prime Minister, said: "I guarantee the organizers of our highest esteem and willingness to fully support Gumball 3000 in its endeavour in Albania.""

Unbelievable. Loss for words. Opportunist at work.

"According to the organisers of the rally they say it is not a race... is not a competition nor a race and is not illegal whatsoever."

Question yourself: why do they need to point out and underline this? (Tip for idiots: don't fall for the legal/illegal semantics.)

I'm happy that the police in Germany is doing their job fining spineless retards. Although, I would like to see more drastic actions taken.

oh, I meant sad about the death and injury - not the stopping of the race.

OMG that's terrible. At least they didn't keep going. But why did those people leave them? That was a stupid selfish thing to do. So if it's not a race why does everyone feel the need to go so stupidly fast? Surely it would be safer if they just made the whole time bracket longer. Hopefully people will wake up now but it's a horrible way to learn such a simple lesson.

:( :( :( :(

As almost always, the offender lives and others die. Sad sad sad sad thing. This is why I wrote that I hope they die alone in their crashed car.. I was asking too much apparently.

"Vladimir Cepuljoski, 67, died of injuries while being transported to a hospital in Skopje after the accident on Wednesday night. His wife, Margarita, remains in a critical condition."

RIP. It might sound strange, but I hope that Margarita doesn't have to suffer.. and that means most likely that she has to die. :(

"They were arrested on charges of endangering traffic and abandoning an accident victim. If convicted, the charges may lead to up to a year in prison."

1 YEAR?!?!?!?!?! This must be a joke. Escaped accident scene, hid in other car & tried to leave the country!!! ONE YEAR!?!? These rich motherf#%kers should lose their freedom for very long time.. but that's not going to happen.. money talks.

"A spokesman for the rally said: "The Golf pulled out from a stop sign and Mr Morley and McConville tried to swerve around it but clipped the side of the car."

Again, don't get fooled, the fact that the victims came from a stop sign doesn't mean anything. If you're, in example, drunk or speeding, you're guilty! Remember. It doesn't matter if the other party should have dodged.. they were speeding! And probably still drunk for partying? "Smart people" that cause accidents and are in drunk, flee the scene (and then drink more alcohol) because that way there is no proof of driving under the influence.

As I said earlier, spineless retards. People, consider your actions and take responsibility.

Way to go

High Tech Computer (HTC)
ALK Technologies

+ other sponsors.

I hope you sent the right message to people.

Yup, the advertisers have to see that these events don't always turn out as they originally intended to.

"After the fatal accident on Macedonian roads yesterday afternoon Gumball 3000 tried to keep it quiet as much as possible, they kept the families of Marga and Vladimir, locals, fans, drivers and sponsors completely in the dark, it took massive negative publicity in the worldwide media for them to realise the coverup failed and there was nothing else left then to cancel the rally."

Spineless chickens. Like I said, take responsibility.. but noooooo, organizers try to hide and run like the speeders did. Cowards.

"This totally ignorant behavior caused a lot of disbelieve and anger among the same families, locals, fans, drivers and sponsors resulting in a big anti-Gumball campaign."

Well it's great but.. why after something happened? Are people so blind and stupid?

"Sponsors took their websites down and removed all affiliation with Gumball 3000"

Running cowards.. somebody should put these corporations in "pound me in the ass" prison.. with organizers and other gumball lovers.

An then one mind numbing user comment from above link:

"Lola, May 3rd, 2007 22:57

..the route maybe help this accident to happen because montenegro is full of fu#%ing montains and crap roads..."

Use your brains people; mountains, crap roads, ice, water, bad weather, etc. doesn't cause accidents! Most of the people have been brainwashed by news that _always_ state that the "bad weather conditions", "ice on the road", etc. were to blame.

David, I'm sorry for venting in your site. I know my time and effort put on this subject won't change people.. mankind is committing suicide and unfortunately I have to witness it. I still hope.. I don't know why, the evidence is quite clear against human race... I guess we have to live in denial in order to survive. :(

it's insulting to speak of montenegro in that's a beautiful country and those mountains are very for bad roads-bosnian are worse.and for this whole thing...i believe that the poor man died for nothing...for some rich b#%&#rds to have their fun.

Maimillion is totally repsonsible for all that takes place, he has for years gone into agreement with the idiots he allows to take part for the sake of making money the priority. I entered the 2005 event, yes we enjiye it to acertain extent, although I arrived at the conclusion Max could not organise a Booze up in a brewery. ITs about time such events were licensed qnd Organisers were held liable for the entrants, then Max would care more about others instead of cash. However, not all events are bad or should be banned, allow all eventsa s long as they are licensed and Organisers take resoponsibility for death and carnage the idiots they allow to take part create. Driving standards on thes events are neveer less than absoluetly firghtenting in regard to most of the entratns, cars written off, it was a situation witing to happen, two dead, is that the price we must expect to pay for a few good people taking part with 90% bad driving maniacs, to have fun in a nice car. Its sad and the world desrves protecting from such illegal events. Max does nothing to improve things, just puts the price up higher and higher each year to make more miliions from fools. Good Luck this time Max, I do hope the authorities do what they have done to several other event Organisers, put them on their Wanted list.


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