Jay Kay confirmed for Gumball 3000

Added on Saturday 28 April 2007, 17:57 (BST)

In an Adidas press release issued today (Saturday), Jay has been confirmed as a driver in this years controversial Gumball 3000 Rally.  Part of the press release reads as follows:

US hip hop artist Xzibit has recently been more used to picking up barely road worthy wrecks in need of serious repair as the star of hit MTV show Pimp My Ride. For the Gumball 3000 he will get behind the wheel of an altogether different type of car - the Lamborghini Gallardo.

X's adidas team mate for the event is a well known for his love of fast supercars and all things three stripe. Jamiroquai superstar Jay Kay takes charge of a Maserati Quattroporte for the 8 day 3000 mile round trip.

Over the coming days there will no doubt be lots of news, photographs and coverage of the event, so please feel free to post links etc. as a comment to this news item.

Over recent years Jay has been rumoured to have been driving in the event but it seems like this is the year he actually gets behind the wheel.  Safe driving everyone... 

Updates from various sources will also be posted to the official site and Jamirotalk forums. 

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Yeah!!! =)

go jay.. go jay!! :D You will win!!

i see a montage of jay driving and a song from the first half of AFO coming to our screens soon

sounds like he'll have a great time

"The Gumball race is organised on public roads without the permission of the local authorities."

"... plainly put the common road user in danger and cause accidents."

"... participants see police intervention as a game, and so take even more risks on the road."

"Traffic fines are imposed daily and driver licenses are revoked on a regular basis."

"... they say, the competitors do not commit drink drive or drug offences."

"... majority of Gumball advocates does not deny that some drive like madmen during the rally..."

"... main reason public opinion is opposed to the Gumball rally, is participants lack of respect for road regulations."

Go JK, go racers... gogogogo, go and die alone in your crashed vehicle, I hope you don't kill innocent people.

I Hope for the best of that Rally..and I hope jay kay dont have an accident, because if that happens I will die.. But well.. I want the best for Jay Kay and I encourage him for good, not for bad..

Jay has experiencie at driving..
It may happen that others drivers lose the control and crash Jay's car..

No, no.. That will not happen.. I hope, you know..

Well.. Good Lucky to Jay Kay! and Everything is gonna be alright.

PD: Sorry for my english.

Good luck with the race Jay!!!!!


make em eat lunar dust jay!! :D

Found a video where Jay is mentioned and where we can see the journey on the map:

Good luck

Well if all this is true,without being intransigent I'm disappointed by Jay because this rallye will cause useless danger for people, kids, animals and useless air pollution!!!

true...i wanna see jk alive making music not driving like mad

I look forward to driving also in a Gumball Rally. Like I said before " I would give up my front seat in heaven to be sitting next to Jay in the race....
It's fantastic play!!!! I'll keep my eyes on the finish line for you Jay!

Some photos of Jay from today's launch in central London have been added to the downloads page of this site.

Thanks David!! :)

Celebs' jail threat over car race - "The Sun" newspaper (UK)

COPS have launched a crackdown on a celebs’ Gumball rally — and vowed to lock up anyone speeding in supercars.

Stars such as model Caprice, Skins actor Danny Dyer and Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay are among 120 drivers who set off yesterday.

Last year a Ferrari and a Porsche were confiscated for doing 150mph.

But cops across Europe are promising tougher action and have joined forces to track the supercars with helicopters.

French cop Thiery Robin warned: “Lives are put at risk by this reckless driving.”

The posh race from London to Istanbul and back costs £28,000 to enter and takes a week.

Jay Kay is driving an £80,000 Maserati Quattroporte. Caprice and Dyer are in Range Rovers.

A Gumball spokesman said: “We don’t condone speeding — it’s a rally, not a race.”

Unnecessary pointless 'sport'. For someone who's meant to be so pro environment it's just a tad hypocritical.

everyone is obviously entitled to their own opinion, but i did it last year and it is sooo much fun. The locals of eastern europeon countries do very well financially, i can tell you! I bet he'll wish he had started doing them years ago. And a quattroporte, what a car to do it in!!! sex on wheels!

Does anyone know the number of people (not involved in the race) that have been hurt or died in the past because of this race?

Jay kay doin it in style, behind you all the way.. Hope to see you come near the front Sunday at Big ben.. British style....Enjoy the ride Jk..

Hi Jay, Pop in for a cup of tea on your way back. I only live 10 minutes from Folkestone and I'd make you very welcome. Bon chance for the race. x

Don't forget to go to the Jam Party People Forum & Jamirotalk forums (links are in original post) as there's articles/photos being added regularly :)


JK and X to the Z? I'd love to be a fly on the wall for those conversations...

So would I Chris!

Another article about the race:

German police put the skids on Gumball drivers
By Henry Deedes
Published: 01 May 2007
The annual Gumball Rally, a madcap seven-day road race around Europe, is in danger of causing a major diplomatic rift with our European neighbours in Germany.

The celebrity-laden race, which this year features the likes of the Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay and the entrepreneur Michael Ross as drivers, kicked off to great fanfare on Sunday when the drivers set off from London's Pall Mall.

Unfortunately, as they roared through Germany, they found themselves thwarted in Frankfurt by a series of roadblocks which had been set up by spoilsport German police.

"The Germans basically agreed to allow us to race on their roads, and now appear to have rescinded on that agreement," a frustrated Ross tells me. "We were due to be flown out with our vehicles to Istanbul today and continue the race there, but the police have impounded our cars and won't release them. Apparently, they're now trying to persuade the police in Istanbul to not allow us to race there either."

Last night, the organisers were said to be in frantic negotiations to get the cars released. But for the time being, the 120-odd competitors are understandably miffed - the cost of entering the 3,000-mile race is a hefty £28,000.

As for Ross, it's the second setback he's suffered so far. As last year's winner, he was due to have the Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis accompanying him as a passenger.

"Her manager rang up at the last minute and said she had other commitments," he adds.

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