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Added on Friday 06 April 2007, 18:33 (UTC)
An interview with the band that was broadcast in Hong Kong back in January can be heard by visiting the TRHK Radio 3 website.  In the interview Jay talks about why Half The Man isn't on the High Times greatest hits album, and what the band's plans are for when they next go on tour.The interview starts at around 33 minutes into the stream.  In addition to the interview they also broadcast the live recording of Love Foolosophy that was played live on BBC Radio 2 (UK) in November 2006.
Credit: Deesha Dyer

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Excellent!! :)

I've been waiting for news of Jamiroquai and Jay! =)
Thanks for the info..

Thankyou Deesha and David! Nice little interview with a blinding track to finish.
The "3.40" generation... count me out!
Happy Easter all.

Thanks D & D :) xx

"Bring Some Brass In 2008" well said

looking forward to a new album more everyday and another thing the reason for half the man not being on the uk release is a bit weak cause the (dont) give hate a chance is the radio edit anyway :S damn you $ony depriving the public of a great track for no reason

oh yeah $ony a'int about anymore yay

Nice interview. Good to hear Derrick. Can't wait for the full out sound of the additional strings. Thanks for the news. for Derrick, it actually sounded more like Rob to me, but generally its always a pleasure to hear someone else get interviewed.

Ilove jay kay!!!!!! jamiroquai is the my muse for my every dy life.

"runaway" the song on the high times album, is so hot. The bass is so pronounced, it thumps on my stereo.
And "Radio" is awesome as well. Jamiroquai music seen me through some pretty tough times, and has incresed my soul eduacaton in music. Keep rockin Jay!!!

i hope we'll see some oldschool stuff now....

I hate the radio edit too. It takes most of the meening away from the song

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