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Added on Friday 30 March 2007, 19:20 (BST)
Gig In The Sky - 27 February 2007
The official Sony Ericsson Gig In The Sky microsite has recently been updated with a collection of photos from the event and a new video from the day in February 2007 that Jamiroquai broke six world records...
Credit: Sandra Trimmel

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"it's a very unusual thing to do... and I love to do unusual things"

The sound quality sounded pretty good from the clips they show on the video clip on the microsite considering it was on a plane!

i still am so jealous. people were at this when i was doing stupid uni enrollments! oh the unfairness of life.

i wonder if they will release the whole concert somehow..u know ..could be sold qite good *caaash* ;)

I love the video! And I think the design is really well done with the pics into the little windows of the Jamiroplane :)

I also still want to take plain with Jay! It is no next chance.but thanks the information. The day, Jay was very cute !

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