Live From Abbey Road on MAX

Added on Monday 12 March 2007, 06:48 (GMT)

Sony BMG in Australia has announced that MAX TV (Australia) will be broadcasting the Live From Abbey Road series from April of this year.

Jamiroquai recorded a number of tracks for the show in October 2006 and the performance is scheduled to be broadcast on 15 April.  More information about the show can be found at the Live From Abbey Road website.

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hey aussie fellas!
please record this and share!

the jamily will appreciate that!


Wasn't there a decent recording posted via jamirotalk? Either way, I've got the files I need to get encoded at some point and I do plan to get them online here one day.

I still haven't seen the Love Foolosophy performance.

TWM and Runaway have been on Youtube for a while, but no sign of LF so far :-(

If someone could upload it, it would be appreciated!

Dom, there is a torrent in dimeadozen with the three songs, lovefool, runaway and twm :)
I just know that..
But the other songs that Jay sang in Abbey road, maybe, MAX TV will be broadcasting the rest..

Thanks Antonella...

I'll check it out when I get home!


There is an excellent version on in dvd quality. love this show

YAY - what great news for us Aussies - I just got back from holidays too!!!! As soon as I hear anything more about the exact date it'll be shown, I'll let everyone know :) :) :)


Whoopsies - I should of read the Sony note first LOL - they're on Sun 15 April at 10.00pm on MAX TV (Foxtel/Austar) :) :) :)


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