Sony Ericsson Gig In The Sky - today

Added on Tuesday 27 February 2007, 04:49 (GMT)

Well, the day of the Gig In The Sky has arrived.  Jamiroquai aim to get into the record books today (Tuesday) by performing the "World's Highest Concert".   On a flight from Munich to a "mystery" location (er, that'll be Athens) the band will be performing a few songs on a very scaled down set of instruments.

"Sony Ericsson is customising a specially chartered plane - ripping out seats and creating a stage to make sure the plane is ready to rock to some first class music."

When the flight touches down the band will then play a second concert. 

Please visit during Tuesday as they hope to put updates from the gig including setlists and quotes.

Right, I'm off now to pack my bags and camera :) 

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yeah, first class music!!

aaa this is so exciting ..have u all a great time and come back with a lot of fantastic memories and pics :)

How exciting!!!! Hope you and the other winners have a fabulous time!!!!


wow.. if i was there, i'd probably pass out with excitment .. : l

Take the best pictures u can!
Do the impossible!!!!
And to all the lucky fans, have a safe and fantastic trip!!!!!
Enjpy every minute, every second of this incredible experience


Aaaaaahhhhhh yes, I've forgotten it!

For those who go to the gig, enjoy it!
I can't wait to see the photos, and maybe some videos!

Is midnight here in Mexico right now and I will go to sleep while a plane is up en-route playing some good songs, enjoy you (/&%$·"!!!!

David, how have you managed to blag your way into ANOTHER exclusive gig?!! Lucky bugger!!

Woww the day has arrived finally
David and the people that will be there, have a wonderfull trip and enjoy every bring back tons of pics and emotions!
Fly High!

I hope everyone going has a cool time :)
Have a safe and funky flight!

You're so lucky David!!! Enjoy every second of it and give the band, and Jay especially, a Kiss and Hello from me...Have a great time;))))

you lucky!
enjoy the gigs jamily

I hate you all!!!!!!! only joking!
have a great time, please somebody video it!!
Andy x

I sincerely envy them all. Really.

Have an excellent time David & Co and make sure youve checked your flight times!

have a lovely time and....a safe flight...(i'm going to be very worried until you all land to that "mystery location which is the capitol of greece")

Ipod switched off, mobiles switched off, and...... here we go !!!!

Ohhhhhhhh, i envy you all !!! Have a funky flight !

I reckon you're up in the air now. Enjoy this special moment. History is being made. Sky high with Jamiroquai!

meike, suzie and david...have a lovely time (figuring it is too late to say that since they are gone)!

awaiting the recap.xo

Just... enjoy all!


Enjoy these High Times! Waiting for the detailed reports... ;-)

You are a very lucky lad my young padawan learner...(David) Ha HA ....Best of Luck to the band from Southern California........have fun !!!

Have fun all of lucky people going especially David cos u know he'll bring some great pixs and updates for all of us!

:) Enjoy David.. You're lucky..
Pass the most incredible experiencie of your life..
and, obvious, take pictures! =D

david, cosmicmouse and cosmicgirl are on the plane
so we will have a,ot of info after the gig yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

Enjoy this cosmic gig!!!

every time i see a plane in the sky,ill be thinkin of u all...enjoy it everybody....David....wanna swap jobs??High times indeed!

Oh! You are so lucky!! I want to go !!

first news item online on!

jamiroquai bag with your name on fantastic is that!!!!


:( :( ..but its ok :) sort of, not really, maybe. I don't think so.. have fun :D

Hope someone can record it...hehehe!!!

setlist (thanks to cosmic mouse)

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cant wait for the videos¡¡¡¡¡¡

Congratulations to the winners !!! David, put a great memoria and pictures in the web.

check jamirotalk and jam party people forum for more pics!!

So happy to hear that they played RADIO!

First time Radio was played... OMG! Lucky guys!!!... Wanna see the video...

yeah! me too.. i wanna see the video :) RADIO!!!!

"check jamirotalk and jam party people forum for more pics!!

Comment by Sandriche on Tuesday 27 February 2007, 19:55 (GMT) (x.56.x.113)"
and thank jameerica for those hehe


lol @ annina!

They should do this everyday and name the airline Jam air iquai, or release it on dvd with the same name

jam air iquai sounds cool for a bootleg

Wow - sounds like it was such a great gig!!!!!! Imagine if we were there - can't wait to see the video of it :) :) :)

Also, don't forget to go to Jam Party People/Jamirotalk/Jamirox forums as I've posted lots of photos of the gig :) :) :)


Would the offer peanuts on the plane ???

QUOTE from samantha (jamirox):
Hi everyone, here's an article that gives us all the records JMQ broke with The Gig In The Sky...


British band JAMIROQUAI broke six world records when they played a concert aboard an airplane at 35,000 feet (10,668 metres) earlier this week (begs26FEB07). The COSMIC GIRL stars, fronted by singer JAY KAY, performed on a flight from London to Athens, Greece via Munich, Germany.

The records broken were

* highest ever concert
* fastest ever concert
* highest ever recording
* fastest ever recording
* highest gig in a plane
* fastest gig in a plane

All were officially recorded by the Guinness Book Of Records. Earlier today (28FEB07), Jay Kay revealed he is quitting the music industry because he is "bored" and won't play with Jamiroquai again until he gets his inspiration back.

Source: Contact Music

Also on the Contact Music site is says:

JAMIROQUAI frontman JAY KAY is quitting the music business after his recent split with his record company left him feeling uninspired and "bored". The COSMIC GIRL singer was frustrated while working with Sony BMG and has no idea what he wants to do next creatively now he's no longer signed to the label. He says, "I haven't been happy there for a while. I've had some ups and downs but in the end the downs were just too many. When we talked about me leaving, I jumped at the chance. "I might be back if I get my inspiration again, but who knows. I don't know what to do next. "I'm bored. I don't want to go back on the road. We all need a rest to be honest. I don't need the money or the deal." Instead, the 37-year-old plans on settling down with his dream woman and rearing a family. He adds, "All I'm going to do now is fly my helicopter and look for the right lady to have children with. I feel free and I want to find love. "My guitarist has just had a baby girl and made me realise how much I want one. I'm not ready to tie the knot though, because I don't want to lose my house."

A small video (via El Mundo) is posted on Topic 'Gig in the Sky'.
Check out swingin' Suzie !!!!

Nice to see Susanna in the tiny spanish video!!!

Hello, it was a little dissapointing to see on a plane a lot of people who "just won a competition" and they were not jamiroquai fans..... Anyway I was one of the lucky ones, fan since the too young to die years and winner of the gig in the sky! It was a memorable day, I still feel the excitement watching again and again the videos from my camera... I made a blog and I uploaded a lot o pics and one video from the plane (I have a lot but I want to be honest to copyright matters). I m also trying to "cover" the event from many views, such as the Guiness Record Part, the technical/modifications part on the plane and equipment , a catalog with anything they gave us there and other stuff... etc. You are welcome if you want to see it

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