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Added on Thursday 22 February 2007, 12:47 (GMT)
Tooth Tunes - Jamiroquai

OK, what do you think of this one... Toy manufacturer Hasbro has launched a number of musical toothbrushes that are aimed at children.  One of them features Canned Heat by Jamiroquai - together with some sound effects from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.  The description at the Tooth Tunes website says:

Rock your teeth clean – and encourage better brushing habits! – with this exciting toothbrush that lets you hear one of your favourite songs while you brush! Sound vibrations stream from the bristles through your teeth – so you can actually hear music inside your head! To increase the volume, simply increase your brushing pressure! If you brush well, you get great sound and you'll actually hear two full minutes of "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai! You'll also hear sweet Napoleon Dynamite movie phrases like, "Gosh," "Vote for Pedro!" and "Lucky!"

For more information and to order a Jamiroquai Tooth Tunes toothbrush, visit 

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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I've seen this out for a while now here in the U.S. They've also got brushes with the Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson and KISS to name a few.

Yeah they've got these at Target. I'm all for anything Jamiroquai but this is a little ridiculous. D- you're on everything. It makes me laugh just looking at this.

Yet another strange collectible to add to the Jamiro collection...great.

I think it's actually very hilarious. I'm guessing that they thought of the safety of the electronic part getting wet!
Chena - hahaha, being a writer gives me access to newswires. See you next week. :)

It's Great!!!! :) I would like to have that Jamiroquai toothbrush.

now that's just...weird.

Wow, I've never seen something so ridiculous !...

I'm so disapointed the only piece of news I have when I come to this website is that my favourite singer is now available on a toothbrush !...

What about music ? What about gigs ? Is he only about marketing now ?

Things are going even worst than we he was under contract with Sony.

What a pity; I'm simply disgusted.

I'm not sure exactly, but I guess that Jay and Jamiroquai Ltd. have no idea that these things are created. I'm not sure, but would it be the music publishing company that would sell these rights to Hasbro?

There wasn't a chapter about musical toothbrushes in the music business book that I have been reading recently!

Yeah this is kind of old news, it's been out for a while, I basically just tried to "ignore" it. But I wouldn't really read into this too much, I mean, it's not a "Jamiroquai" toothbrush, it's a Napoleon Dynamite toothbrush, so I don't see the big deal. If JMQ sold the license to whoever to do the marketing for that song then they can do whatever thye want. NOw as for Canned Heat goes, think about it, the song was a hit before the movie, in fact it's already 7-8 years old!!. So I'm not worried about Jamiroquai selling out because it just makes them more popular, anyway, and if this is something for the US, that's good because we need any kind of Jamiroquai publicity we can get!!!! ~J

ummm, it's JUST a ten dollar toothbrush - so NOT that serious (to me anyway)....ha!

If only I'd known about these _before_ my birthday!

This is so bizarre!!!!! LOL


And I think it's funny and great - let's stop be so serious ;) I really would like to have one ;)

Only in America!

yeah i saw these on and thought nothing of it it would be funky to clean to jami but i dont think ill get one.

"Things are going even worst than we he was under contract with Sony.

What a pity; I'm simply disgusted."

i think this in fact is Sony selling the sample to the tooth brush people but im sure the napolean dynamite people made sure that they could have the ability to use the song in their merchandising before they agreed to use it in the film

the way i see it is as just a bit of fun

LOL, Hilarious! I want one!!!!!

it has no buffaloman - shape ..:/


I want one too, it's a delirious idea!

I want one!! Get 'em over to the UK!

haha - that's great!!!!!!


LOL. I want one too!

Funny! I want a "Jamirobrush" jajaja X-D .....

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Jay and the boys didn't go "Hmmm... now how can we get more money...I know, we'll make a toothbrush!". It's all to do with Hasbro and Napoleon Dynamite.

i hope some day we will have the jamiro-joint to puff some hydro

funny...make me laugh

I need one in black. And do they do them for irons as well? Ironing is such a drag.

no no no! way am I buying that :D
but...if it had a matching minty toothpaste...

This is great!

I can have


and a toothbrush in my mouth at the same time....

So Jay, when will you produce a new album? I want to hear more...

Kids wont give it up! Can I brush my teeth mom please! This new generation of kids will have the whitest teeth

UK gets the highest concert ever with the gig in the sky. USA gets a toothbrush. I would of settled for a lava lamp or a Jay Kay action figure

Great story, I will have to look for one of these.

But on another note, flks can we stop being so damn serious. Its a novelty item. Patience is a virtue, Jay and the Boys have stated that they wll take some time off before launching there next project. So lets just wait. Time will fly. Personally I have enough musc, videos, bootlegs and concert footage to keep going till there next cd. I am thankful that I caught them when they came to the States, because seeing them live here is all about waiting.

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