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Added on Saturday 03 March 2007, 21:11 (GMT)
Realized - cover artwork

Real, the band set up by ex-Jamiroquai band member Winston Rollins is releasing a new album of remixes entitled "Realized" on 12 March (digital download at iTunes) and on physical release from 23 March (try for pre-orders).

On the new album some of Jamiroquai's current band members have contributed remixes:

  • Rob Harris and Matt Johnson created the "Blip remix" of the track Lovechild.
  • Derrick McKenzie (who also did the mastering with Winston) is responsible for the "Degzy remix" of the track "Stay".

Their current single, "Never Never", which has been remixed by Mark de Clive-Lowe is out now on 12" vinyl and from online retailers including iTunes.  They also have a new studio album planned for release in May.

If you live near Birmingham (England), Real will be performing at The Jam House on Thursday 15 March.  More information is available at The Jam House website.

Real have a website at and also a page at MySpace.

Credit: Viktor Masat

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Thanx for the additional info David ;-)

Real are great!!!
Im waiting for their next album they will start on soon

cool im popping up there!

Great info, thanks!! :)

Thanks for the info David. Am looking forward to hearing Derrick's remix. The man has REAL talent!!!

Great bass lines, amazing voice! and they get all frontal and kick that something that makes the soul feel alive

You know, their boogie is for REAL !!!!

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