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Added on Friday 09 February 2007, 20:41 (GMT)

Jamiroquai videos, both official and unofficial are filling sites such as YouTube and Google Video, and we'd like to give visitors to the site the opportunity to share any cool video clips that you're recently found.

To start with here are videos of Blow Your Mind and Space Cowboy, performed by Walko Csaba & The Brownfield feat. Gal Csaba Boogie, which was recorded at the recent Jamiroquai fan party held in Hungary.

If you've found any videos that you'd like to share, whether it is of a cover band or someone just playing bass to a backing track, feel free to post a link as a comment to this news item.

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So great party. Congratulations Hungarian fans !!!!


Well, this occurance is a all well and good, but can get you kicked off YouTube. I know all too well about that, for those whom don't know, here's my experience:

From late 2005 to mid 2006, I uploaded over +70 Jamiroquai videos on YouTube, ranging from promotional videos, live performances, various stuff and rare vids. I had been forewarned about 3 times about specific copyright infridgement on 3 misc. clips, which at the time they would delete and send me a message about. Then about the 4th warning, pertaining to a Japanese TV interview with Jamiroquai from 1997, they deleted my account on YouTube and deleted all my videos. Alot of work went into trying to let other music fans know about the "video side" of the amazing music of Jamiroquai, but it really made me mad that they would "headhunt" my videos, but still don't police and delete the hundreds of thousands of other supposed "copyrighted videos", from whole TV show episodes to anime!

Anyway, I did reregister to YouTube to remake my playlists of my favorite music videos and bands. But please remember, you may upload alot of great musical goodness on YouTube and enlighten alot of music fans whom were alien to their music, but in the end, you will only get burned. Thanks for listening and Peace!

hello hungarian fans!
if thats a performance only made for fun not a cover-band
its the best one ive ever heard!
you really f**** with blow your mind all the other wannabe jamiroquaibands!
you dont tried to dance like jay thats good! the most people blaming him with their thing that they call dance. its not bad that you cant sing as high as jay. bring in your own influences. and again normally i hear cover-bands singing and my ears start to blooding. yours is different! now i know 2 performances from private people that sang space cowboy and blow your mind very good!

Great videos.. Nice performance! :)

You know Jamirofan, Jay gives things for charity and he is not everywhere telling everyone what he does... maybe you should learn from that ;)

Congratulations!!! Nice performance. Here in Chile many fans have enjoyed all the parties realized here, and is a great pleasure to know it's happening in anothers countries around the globe. I hope another countries add to this worldwide celebration to try to make the band consider the fans distributed by the world that they expect to see the jamiroquai show in his country.

Grettings to all the fans!

blow your mind was off the hook, keep partying!

Greetings :)
I think that was a great party :) I liked BYM :)

I'd like to show you all awesome street orchestra (only wind instruments and drums)playing CANNED HEAT! :D

Czendo, thanks for the video!

The band was pretty good. I would've thought more people would stop and watch (or maybe some were).

Oh yeah, I love it ^^ ! :D
Since the first time I saw it and died from laugh :D
That's great! :) Respect for people who made it ;) Why not whole clip? ;)

Thanks for the huge amount of support and positive feedbacks, guys! Here's my latest upload, Whatever It Is I Just Can't Stop:)!

I am the teacher of this school band. They are 16 and 17 year olds playing the DVD LIVE version of Love foolosophy at the end of last year [2006]. Leave comments on the 'tube

Greg, thank for posting the link. I knew somewhere that you'd sent me that link before but I wasn't sure exactly when. Thanks ever so much for posting this link.

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