Jamiroquai to perform a "Gig In The Sky"....

Added on Friday 29 December 2006, 14:50 (UTC)

Stories and news is starting to appear about an exclusive Jamiroquai gig being held high in the sky on-board an aeroplane in February 2007!!

According to posts on the Jamline mailing list, Jamirotalk and the Jam Party People Forum, it is part of a promotion between Sony Ericsson and Jamiroquai and there will be a concert to win "tickets for a concert to be held on a plane from Munich (Germany) to Athens (Greece), hotel for two and also another concert in Athens. It's called "gig in the sky" and it's on the 27th of February."

More details about this gig will no doubt appear over the coming days and weeks.  It looks like there's two gigs now in the planning for 2007 - this one and the exclusive gig for competition winners as part of the previously announced Intel promotion.

Credit: Alexandra Cama

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