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Added on Friday 15 December 2006, 20:32 (GMT)
Jay Kay

On 30 December Jay Kay will be 37 years old and the people at have set up a form where you can post a birthday message that will be sent to Jay in time for his birthday.

Why not visit and leave a message for Jay. 

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Done. Hope they are real, and he will read them :/




I know for sure they're going to be sent to him - here's hoping he finds the time to read them, as I suspect it is going to be a long long list of messages.

mate happy birthday.... you make everyday a birthday with your music and you keep me going at work when id probably die of boredom..not a day goes by without hearing a jk track..your the bomb...and i cant stop my feet moving...still producing the finest quality disco tracks....

posted mine

i posted mine 2 , I wished him a happy new year also

If I was a rock star, I would love to read everything the fans say to me, I would spend hours reading the forums hehe I wonder wether he does that or not at all.


I've also posted mine!
and must say this was really a cute, sweet and smart idea!!

What are we gonna invent now for his 40?? :DDDD


I already posted mine as well - hope lovely Jay has a great birthday (it's 2 days ahead of my birthday) :) :) :)


I agree with Diego: if i was in him, i really would have a big curiosity to read them all!

Che vita sarebbe senza J K?

Tanti Auguri A Te!
Tanti Auguri A Te!
Tanti Auguri J K!
Tanti Auguri A Te!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday J K!
Happy Birthday to you!

Off to post mine

wow.already THAT old?!!

I bet there's gonna be lots of messages from haters out there too :S


done! ^^

Happy Birthday my friend. You are truly my people!!!! I didn't think anyone out there knew how to have us much fun as me!!!! You must be my brother I never had.

happy birthday jay,,
you like a dynamite..
wish you a great man i ever had in my music..

naaa i dont think that haters will go to to write bad stuffs... if they do that it means that they should get a life !!

My message is added.
The guys a genius. I hope he has a great birthday.

you're the best!!!!!!!come back to Argentine please!!

Hey Samantha - is yours also on the 29th???!!?? Mine is!



Merry christams and jimbles to you all - love the good vibes :)


My birthday's on 1st January, so Jay's only 2 days older than me :) :) :)


Just stay who u are Jason Kay. No matter what people think...

Hey there, Jason AKA Jay Kay Hope you have an awesome birthday, and all your heart's desires and wishes come true, Jillian B, Auckland

PS - when are you coming down under!

Dear Jason wishing you the best for a funky Birthday mate. Keep in there mate and never stop doing what you love. Send my love to your beautful dogs too, anyway lots of love and come back to Melbourne soon. xoxoxo.

Hey JK - Have a FAB birthday young man :)! Still haven't caught you at the BADACHRO INN ,,,yet,,,,haha,,,will get you a Birthday beer when I see you there next!!!
urgh ,,,do you actually read all these???KJ x

Have a great birthday Jay may you continue to inspire me.

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