What's on Jay's Sky+

Added on Wednesday 13 December 2006, 22:19 (UTC)

London evening newspaper London Lite today (Wednesday) printed a short interview with Jay where he listed what's on his Sky+ box - a personal hard disk recorder similar to Tivo in the US.  He listed the following TV programmes...

The Grand Prix: I'm an avid GP watcher of course, and I always Sky+ them when I'm away on tour.  I am rooting for Ferrari this season.

Animal Planet: I'm fascinated by wildlife - and the plight of some species - particularly African elephants which are the most beautiful, majestic creatures.  I think humans can learn a lot about themselves from watching those shows.

Later With Jools Holland: This is without doubt the best music show on television.  For a start it's about live music, which is what Jamiroquai is all about.  If you can't do it live, you're not going on that show.

Great Crimes And Trials: I'm really into historical biographies.  I read those far more than fiction.  This is the TV equivalent and it's got some great stuff on it. 

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