Jay talks about why he agreed to a Greatest Hits album

Added on Monday 13 November 2006, 23:10 (UTC)

Dutch website has published an interview with Jay (in Dutch) where he talks about things including how the High Times greatest hits album ends the eight album deal with Sony BMG/Columbia (as this is album number seven, and greatest hits albums often don't count as separate albums in deals)...

"The record company wanted a greatest hits for ages. I finally agreed to it on the condition that they would terminate the contract afterwards.  They didn't want me to say this, but money is all they care about. A greatest hits would make them a lot of money.  I am the only decent artist they have got, the only one that makes them money." [translation from English to Dutch to English, so not 100 percent accurate]

The interview on the website is in Dutch, but thanks to the good people at jamirotalk, a English translation of the interview is available. 

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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