Jay visits BBC Radio 1

Added on Thursday 09 November 2006, 22:39 (UTC)

On Thursday afternoon, Jay spent about 45 minutes as a guest on the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1 (UK).  He gave car advice to Scott (the DJ), and talked about when his Segway transporter was broken when the Radio 1 breakfast show was broadcast from his house back in 2005.  He also talked about things including actress Eva Longoria, his recent incident with a photographer, and when he recently sat down and listened to Dynamite. 

He also spoke about once hearing Deeper Underground in an "adult" movie, and then played a game of "Name that Jamiroquai tune!"

For the next week the radio show is available to listen to online at the Radio 1 website.  Jay can be heard at around the following times - 18:00, 26:00, 41:50, and 50:45.

Credit: Mark Slater

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