Blues & Soul magazine cover and interview

Added on Thursday 09 November 2006, 15:45 (UTC)
Blues and Soul magazine - 8 November 2006

Jay is featured on the cover of the current issue (dated 8-21 November) of Blues & Soul magazine (UK).

Inside the magazine is a two page article/interview where he talks about the stress of the music business, and gives some very honest opinions about the paparazzi.  He also talks about the Dynamite album...

"I listened to Dynamite for the first time in about a year yesterday and I think it's a fu**ing good album!  There's some bad tracks on there, but I don't feel like it was pushed enough...  People were saying, 'Feels Just Like It Should, not sure if we can really play that.'"  Maybe because it was left of the classic Jamiroquai sound?  "Yeah, maybe, but what's wrong with being a bit left?  That's what I wanted to do.  If I hadn't, people would be like, 'Oh, you've just done the same thing as you did before.' You can't fu**ing win!"

Blues & Soul is available from all good UK magazine stores now or from the magazine's website.

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