Talk about Jamiroquai on MTV UK?

Added on Wednesday 08 November 2006, 06:33 (GMT)

MTV (UK) are looking for fans of Jamiroquai to appear on music channel MTV Flux, talking about the band and their videos.

If you want to get involved, the Jam Party People forum has a thread containing all the info you need to know to contact MTV.

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So everyones gone quiet????????

sry i live in lebanon lol

:D well that figures..your names Kay too huh? I dont think anyone wants to admit they are applying maybe? I think it would be cool to blow Jays trunpet on MTV tho :)

Sure, it would be cool. But I'm not applying. First of all I live in Sweden, not the UK. I'm also old enough to remember MTV with Ray Cokes and Lisa I'Anson... the viewers won't be able to identify themselves with an old geezer like myself. I say what I feel and I don't care if it's PC or not. I'm afraid I'd only cause trouble. Oh, and I'm camera-shy. I'm handsome enough though. :D

I noticed they're doing one of these for Prodigy too so I guess there must be quite a few. It would be tempting but I don't think I have the right personality they're looking for...

I love prodigy! they were gr8 in 1997 with the 'fat of the land' album :) but jamiroquai is still the best! lol

And Im pretty enough, hey it might be the start of something beautiful :) (Secret - I must be the same age as you but who cares, you're as old as you feel... ) Also its good to say what you feel, I do the same, and yes it can cause trouble but not so much if you do it cleverly/charismatically if u know what i the end of the day noone really likes fakers. Those born in the 70s rock! - and those born in 1969 of course.

Space Clav: You remember Ray Cokes - hehe, you're as old as me then!

Ray Cokes were one of the reasons I watched MTV, not to mention that music in general back then was so much better. I really miss that glorious period 87-96... nowadays MTV does nothing for me. Nada, zilch! I also have a vague memory of seeing him on Sky Channel prior to his years with MTV. I'm also old enough to remember watching DJ Kat with Linda De Mol while eating breakfast before leaving for school. That was in 1985 if I recall correctly.

I'm not old, I'm just like a bottle of fine wine, or a classic instrument like the Rhodes MKI or the minimoog... I'm vintage! ;) :D

Jamiroquai should talk about Jamiroquai on MTV .
That's better .

Jamiroquai and jamiroquai lovers together would be original. Groups have this godlike status and seperation from their 'fans' - I think they should mix more with the people that have a love for their music.

That's not only good .That's perfect.


Well thankyou. A thought...maybe you could add a personal section to the site where people can add info about themselves David ie pictures, interests etc ??

SmokeAndMirrors dude... check out - That's where the people's at.

Cheers mate :)

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