Jamiroquai Spanish promotion and television appearance

Added on Sunday 05 November 2006, 21:40 (GMT)

Jamiroquai are currently (Sunday/Monday) in Barcelona, Spain doing promotional work for the High Times greatest hits album.  On Sunday they are performing on television show Operacion Triunfo, which is similar in format to Pop Idol/Star Academy.

Update: 6 Nov 06:33 GMT: The band performed Cosmic Girl on the show and Jay was also briefly interviewed where he gave some advice to the people in the show.

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yep, the show is running at the moment on tele 5. peggy told me that. i guess it will be soon over. Meike

I have just seen it and they have played cosmic girl(I just see the end of the play grrrr.) after jk was asked for any advice for the students and he said that they should be ready for the hard work, touring and for the press which he says its really bad in england!!!

Just saw it too! jk was great! he did cosmic girl live! (something which i really appreciate, since many internacional singers mime in these type of shows). he was sweatin' all the time, wearing sunglasses, but did a good job with CG. He was really really good. I'd love him to come to BCN and perform for us soon!

Do you know if he is performing promotional gigs in Barcelona?

Hi everybody!
Its a pleasure for us ( website)to see an exclusive jamiroquai live performance in Spain on Tv.
I HAVE RECORDED the DVD with the song and the Little Interview. If someone is intered in trade it contact me at [email protected]

Special thanks to David Rowe, to help us to promote this show!

Jk was just great tonight

Hi everybody ! I've seen it also, and as a fan, i appreciated it so much (even in this show...)! Jay was ok, but the band semmed fixed ! Anyone knows if they will be on another show in the few days ??

Thank you for all the posts and downloads that allow all fans having the most recent mp3 and videos online !!
Keep funkin' !!

Lo he pillado de casualidad en el sofá y he flipado !!
(I've cacht it almost sleeping at the couch, and wake me up !!)

vaya pasada de ese cosmic girl,me a encantado.your the best.

Gente pasaros por es la única web para fans Españoles donde hablamos de las ultimas novedades de la banda. Somos más de 150 usuarios donde la experiencia de cada uno hace un foro con gente verdaderamente experta. La actuación de cosmic girl estuvo guay, pero todos esperabamos que tocara también Runaway!
:) Rafa, webmaster

I saw it and I must say it was playback music with vocals live (great performance by Jay, by the way...)

the poor musician s look stupid with there instument unplugged but jay waz good

Si rafa, en lo personal jamirolive es mi favorita, pero claro, tambien me agrada funkin y jamirotalk...en lo personal jamirolive me fascina!!!! por cierto, no puedo ingresar ya que dice que no soy usuario registrado!!! como esta eso??jeje, saludos (PD:Se me dificulta el ingles)

He's got the rithym! the style and the performance everyone would like to have, I just love jamiroquai. Come to CHILE, please!!!!!!!!!!!

They need to come to the USA to do some promotion!

Wishful thinking....:)


r we gonna be able to watch it from this site ??

when i knew that jamiroquai could be playing in O.T. i couldn't believe it!!!Without having any information before about that performance.I thought they would play the new single "runaway" but no!!!They played Cosmic girl" and I became happier,because it's one of their best songs(Runaway is not the same...)I hoped they will be at Buenafuente this Tuesday,but if they leave Spain today...That performance was the best thing to end the weekend!!!KEEP FUNK ALIVE!!(españoles,perdonad el ingles ;)]

Glad to see Jay in Barcelona. However, he looked a bit suffocated, and his cutted hair was horrible! Anyway, I ope to see them live again in the GH tour. We miss them, since 2001 Jamiroquai has forgotten those thousands of fans that live in Barcelona. Que vinguin d'uan vegada, tu!

jay kay canta un poco feo, perdio la voz

Dear Jay , here's my pencil .Write about papparazzi ,
all you can remember .I'll listen .Promised .
Good luck .

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