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Added on Sunday 05 November 2006, 14:53 (UTC)
Mail on Sunday newspaper - 5 November 2006

As announced previously on this site (via, an interview with Jay appears in the "Night & Day Live" supplement of today's Mail on Sunday newspaper (UK).

Jay is featured on the cover, and inside the magazine is a four page interview with photos...

"...I just can't wait to get away and plan what I'm going to do next.  I'm tired of writing singles and always thinking about what will get played on the radio.  That doesn't allow me to stretch myself creatively.  On the first album we had flugel-horn solos.  I know we probably overdid it, but it was fun, it was good, it was creative.  I want to get back to making music like that."

Before launching the next phase of career, he's planning on taking some time off...

"A year off, that's the plan", he says, barely able to contain himself.  So what does a multimillionaire rock star and eligible bachelor, with a fleet of luxury cars and a helicopter, do on a year off?  "Camping," he says, the grin firmly back on his face.  "I love camping.  Camping rocks.  I go up to Scotland, use the house as a base camp and drive out from there." 

Talking about the incident after he left a London club a few weeks ago, he said...

"I came out of the club and they [paparazzi] were jibing and shouting abuse, as they do.  I had every intention of just getting in the car, but with all the flashes going off, everyone crowding round and people holding you back, you do start to feel like the bull in the middle of the ring.  And I'd had a few drinks.  So when they all moved in, I took a swing at one of them.  It's no major thing.  It's not like it happens every time I go out.  It's just every now and again you have enough of it."

Scans of the interview will appear soon on the downloads page of this site. 

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