Italian newspaper interview... Jay wants to relax...

Added on Saturday 04 November 2006, 13:39 (UTC)

On Thursday of this week an interview with Jay was printed in La Repubblica newspaper (Italy).  Jay talks about the bands career and future, and says that he's had enough of being a celebrity.  The following is a translation of part of the interview...

"I don't need anymore to write and record hits, and I have enough of that silly celebrity life.  I don't want to speak about the same old routine of tours: I spent five summers of my life doing gigs, now I wan't to stop, to do what I want to do.  At last I'm trying to take my time, being free to do the music that affects me more, not being pursued by the record company, which is always hungry for hits."

"Musically my next step will be different from what I have did so far. I'm tired of doing three minutes and thirty seconds long songs."

The remainder of the interview talks about Jay's passion for cars etc.   A scan of the interview can be found in a thread at

Credit: Francesca Luciani, Ben Bosco

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