Jamiroquai at the Jazz Cafe - full gig broadcast

Added on Wednesday 01 November 2006, 08:34 (UTC)
Jamiroquai - Jazz Cafe - 25 October 2006

This is the news we have all wanted to hear and now it has been officially announced - on Saturday 11 November at 00:25, BBC Three (UK) will be broadcasting on television the entire (yes, entire ) set from the Jazz Cafe.  I do not know if the show will be edited at all (to remove some of the talking in between songs), as with the six tracks that have already been broadcast on TV.

For information, there are high quality audio recordings (full length) and videos (of the six tracks broadcast on TV) available from the gig already - if you're looking for download links then I'd suggest looking through the discussions at sites such as Jamirotalk for more information. 

I currently have no plans to put this audio/video online here at as there are already downloads/bittorrent trackers out there with the files.

Credit: Zsolt Horvath

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