Runaway BBC radio playlist update

Added on Thursday 26 October 2006, 21:31 (UTC)

Runaway has failed to move up from its spot on the BBC Radio 1 "B" playlist (dated 26 October) prior to the single's physical release next week.

On the BBC Radio 2 playlist, the single has this week (dated 25 October) dropped from the "B" to the "C" list.

For information, all of the Dynamite single releases (FJLIS, SDISJ, DGHAC) made it all the way to the Radio 1 "A" playlist.  Back in July 2002, Corner Of The Earth made it only as far as the "B" list and only managed to get to number 31 in the UK charts.  OK, Corner Of The Earth wasn't the first single release from a new album and I don't think the video had as much airplay as Runaway is getting, so this hopefully isn't an indication of a low chart position (although on iTunes UK the single is just inside the top 50 at present).

We're all going to buy the single aren't we?  You can buy the single now as a digital download (from stores such as iTunes and Napster) and from next week it will be available as a physical release, and if you pre-order it from the Official Jamiroquai Online Store, you get a free poster.

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