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Added on Thursday 26 October 2006, 11:50 (BST)

Thanks to everyone who kept the previous news item extremely busy last night!  The gig at the Jazz Cafe was indeed as good as it sounded on the radio and Jay and the band (including a brass section, and a change of backing singer as Hazel couldn't perform due to other work commitments), absolutely rocked the tiny venue. 

The setlist was as follows:

  1. High Times
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. If I Like It I Just Do
  4. Emergency On Planet Earth
  5. Seven Days In Sunny June
  6. Black Capricorn Day
  7. Canned Heat
  8. Use The Force
  9. Travelling Without Moving
  10. Runaway
  11. Virtual Insanity

The entire gig is currently available to watch online (until 1 November) from the BBC Electric Proms website, and you'll also find some links to some photos there as well.  Some tracks are also available to watch if you are a digital TV viewer in the UK.

If you're after an audio recording, have a look through the comments of the previous news item for download links.

A short review of the gig is at the This Is London website (for the London Evening Standard newspaper) where they describe Jamiroquai as "A too-well-buried national treasure.".

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I'm also watching the gig right now on BBCi on Freeview (via the Red button, or channel 302 on most boxes) and this is here for a few days too, in rotation! Also available on BBCi on satellite and cable. Looks and sounds incredible!

Well, I haven't heard this gig yet but it seems terrific ! horns back, my dream comes true again. I have the faith now. Peace in my heart and my mind. Thanx to u boys, really.

I'm a very excited man today, David you are one lucky boy! I recorded the concert on video through my digibox last night, got home to see if it had worked and ended up listening to most of it! Stunning performance all round. Have just finished off my CDRs courtesy of the heroic Russ (thanks mate - you are a legend) and now have a live performance which I think will be filed next to Firenze 1993, Jazziroquai (Montreaux 1995) and Funky Paradise (Paradiso 1994)! Can't wait to get this on the car stereo on the way home. I have to say, Sony suck @ss! Why put a worthless remix disc on CD2 of the greatest hits when with a bit of effort they could have secured a legendary live set - oh well, it is just a good job this great band has such brilliant fans. Thanks for making my year you lot!

Any video download?

It was an awesome gig, nearly the same level as the Ealing gig a few years ago. Good to see a bit of brass, brings back to the good old days!!

the bbci recording cuts out nearly all of the in between song banter and has removed a few songs but still very nice to watch.

they should have made the second in ht the album a live full concert cd or atleast a selection of tracks from concerts in the past

oh well the remixes will still be a nice addition to an exelent album not long to go now

I reckon a compilation of the best live tracks JMQ have performed would have been utopia, but I'm not fussed as it is. I mean the GH's is really aimed at non-hardcore fans, ppl who have never heard High Times etc.

They can release that live album we all want a week after the contract is legally over yes Rob? ;)

very, very dope...

i love hearing EOPE live.
looks like you all held down the front row for all of us that couldn't be there.

to the musicians and jay - thank you, thank you, thank you. hope to see you on this side of the atlantic in the near, near future.


I've already given a full review at but to sum things up... it was a wicked gig!!!

thanks David,

It'll be wonderful to watch and hear the gig from a different angle!

Here's an alternative story from last night - where Jay had a run in with a photographer!

Who Made Jay Kay Laugh?

Something's made Jay Kay giggle...

Which is lucky, because he may not have seen the funny side.

It could all have gone horribly wrong when a paparazzo - wearing a monkey suit - showed up to snap Jay Kay leaving the Jazz Cafe in Camden.

Just to fill you in, the Jamiroquai star has been known to get himself a little worked up over snappers before and has even been arrested for allegedly assaulting them.

On the last occasion, just over a month ago, he called a group of photographers waiting for him outside a London club, monkeys.

Yep, there it is.

But never fear...

This time, he had a chuckle to himself and proved that he is a star of good humour.

He even put his arm around the monkey in a gesture of good will.

And all was peaceful on the Western front.


Last Updated: 13:57 UK, Thursday October 26, 2006

It sounds awesome! The horns!!! Can't wait to watch when I get home tonight. Thx 4 the link.

A message from the band to the fans has been posted at

"Thanks to everyone who came down to the gig at the Jazz Cafe last night. We had a brilliant night and hope you did too. The atmosphere was fantastic! If you weren't able to get a ticket hopefully you were able to tune in on 1Xtra, if not there are highlights on Radio 1 and BBC 3 over the next few days. You can also watch the full set online at the BBC Electric Proms website. Thanks for all your support, as always, it means so much"

See the towel Jay has in his hands at 25.18 - well I have that towel!! Thanks Carly xxx :D


This gig looked amazing, wish i was there! They sounded awesome!

Am I blind or does Sola has a t-shirt of the Mexican football team??????????????

amazing amazing amazing amazing show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old School, old school, old school Funk!! Jamiroquai thanx for give back the real sound, the good sound, the high quality sound, the special and unique cosmic music. HIGH TIMES ARE BACK!!!

(Excelent version of Travelling Without Moving too!!)


THIS is Jamiroquai... you're the greatest, definitely.

Yeah, it's like somebody tracked down the real Jamiroquai that had been playin small showS up and down the land after Synkronizes. A return to form.

Amazing gig!!! CH is AWESOME! Sooooooooooo nice gig!!! Really!
(and yes, seems Sola has a t-shirt of the football Mexican Team... Sola: YOU ROCK!!!!) :-D

i hope to see in Rome a gig like that...


75 minutes of continuous good vibes, and a awesome ending to conclude: Runaway ! The message is clear.

I'm trying to watch/hear the gig with that stream from the bbc website but it's not particulary good quality (the bits, not the tunes). I would really love for someone -if possible- to make it available as a download.

OMG!!! Wind Instrument is back :D....nice concert =)

Jiefka said: "nearly the same level as the Ealing gig a few years ago"

I would even dare myself to say that this gig was much better than the Ealing gig. But that's just _my_ opinion. Flute and brass really should be compulsory for Jamiroquai... this IS the real Jamiroquai for sure. Awesome!!!

Oh btw, say hi to Max. :)

Have been watching Jay and the band most of the day on digital tv and all i can say is that Jamiroquai are truly the greatest band live, come on Jay more please very soon!!

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