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Added on Thursday 12 October 2006, 18:11 (BST)

BBC Radio 1 has published the tracklisting for the In New Music We Trust show, presented by DJ Pete Tong that includes an interview with Jay.  The show will be broadcast tonight (Thursday) between 9 and 10pm.

In addition to an interview over two parts, the following tracks will be broacast:

  • When You Gonna Learn, Virtual Insanity, Feels Just Like It Should, Radio

Yes, Radio, one of the new tracks from the forthcoming High Times greatest hits album will be broadcast on this show.Information on how to receive BBC Radio can be found at the BBC radio website (although I'm not it mentions that Sirius radio in the US also broadcasts Radio 1).

For one week following the show, it will be available to listen to from the BBC Radio 1 website. 

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Radio ! Yea! This is good news.....such a good song I can't get out of my head.


radio cool, i haven't it yet. i'll have to cancel my plans to go out tonight now

yes!!! :D

Radio is a very good song! I like it! :D

thanks for this!!


hey?!?!?! u guys have the song radio already ??!?!?! from where ??? y dont u share it :P ??

I'm sooo excited cos i've just watched last nites performance for an whole hour lol and now this. Can't wait to hear the new song ahn't heard it yet and FJLIS on the radio again!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see what the public has to think about the new track!


I'm so glad they're playing the track in full - I was starting to get worried when they only played clips of the other tracks.

Funniest thing is that he said the story behind the track is true! Haha.

please notice: first official RADIO airplay. 22.45 here in italy ;-)

I simply love this track (Radio)!!!!! I love this "rock" side.. Let's get it on the radio!!!!
I can't wait to listen to it live..

Yeah i like it, its not too rocky as i'd think it was and very funni story lol! Glad i waited and didn't give into the other leaks (should i say?) where it was upto download.

LOL David - he did get rather shy talking about the new track! LOL!!!!!! Nice interview, great track! :)

i just heard the broadcast, radio sound so good ! ! ! does anyone know where another clip of it is?!!?

Just listened to the show and heard radio, love it!!

Hey david, any chance of u ripping the song and putting up for download?? or is that ilegal and that?

oh dear, not keen on "radio" at all, it just didnt catch me like "runaway" has. Jamiroquai dont do ROCK, they do FUNK. Hopefully after a few plays it will grow on me.

Second part of interview with Radio (sorry for the hitches in the record):

I think it's a good song, but not catchy enough to be a commercial hit IMO.

Now that's a good tune.
Does anyone have a clean copy???

In my opinion, 'Radio' is the best song they've made in years, very fresh, amazing funk/rock feel, definetely better than 'Black Devil Car'. If they decide to choose this musica direction, I'm there!


hey you doubters, this is a wicked track, great structure and its not all rocky, its rawcous!

This is a solid track, I like this more on first listen than I did Runaway. It is rocky, but it's more solid than Black Devil Car and this still retains more of Jamiroquai's trademark sound which is a great thing!

Now that's a little bit closer to the old school Jamiroquai that we are used to hear, im waiting for the cleaner version

"Closer to old school Jamiroquai"???? Old school Jamiroquai is funk...and this ain't funk. But am hoping I enjoy it more as time goes on...


oooh noooo i missed it! pete tong and jay go back a long time me thinks.

I can't help it but dance! well after Time won't wait is the song I prefer of the last era.
Ehy, but isn't sad to say that they do funk so they cannot do other stuff, like rock, is like if u could only do one thing, always, again and again! Anyway to my ears they're doing good with this "rock"

Great interview - love Jay's way of describing Radio - he sounded slightly shy - how cute - LOVE Radio - can't wait for it to be released (fingers crossed) :) :) :)


Bet he wasn't shy playing out the actual story behind 'Radio'!..................

haha yeh rae..

Radio IS funky , its very jamiroquaish is Jay...i have to admit I did doubt..but that changed quickly :o) ...would be amazing to hear a live version of that...but i don't mind waiting.

Slap back ;)

Coool school! sounds good man! keyboard is ace :)

Yay, Pete Tong playing the track now on his radio 1 show :)

He said that he spent quite a while with Jay at his house, playing with his cars, visiting the bar, sitting in the lounge and Jay was really really honest. Cool.

I don't know if you agree, but I think Radio sounds like a Prince's tune. Obviously, it's a great compliment ! Nice work !

I love Radio, it's got a great funky rock edege to it. I hope JK releases this as a single. God I love this song!

Sorry to disagree, but I think Radio is fairly average by their standards and not a patch on Runaway.

Radio...It's's sex...but it's sex with a beautiful edge...congratulations Jamiroquai on going out with a "bang". It's classic Jamiroquai - and adds the perfect punctuation to another chapter of the story, the end of an era.
"Let's get it on the radio" ------ ahhhhhh....I think the "GH" party is on our 10th listen...gets better each time.

Thanks to Saffy 7 (disgusted girlfriend), SteffenFunk (care in the community) and Mr Moon (Bad Burger Boy) for sharing this moment tonight, I think we had our first listen in the best company :D.

Now...gonna go and shake my "looks like one of those loose skinned dogs" arse to Radio :D .


Radio - Great track, liking it more every time I listen to it. Looking forward to buying High Times even though I already have the original CDs. Anything to show Jamiroquai we want them to keep going strong!

This song is like 88 kinds of unbelievable. Can't stop playing it.

Thanks for this track Jamiroquai, i love it!
Its a filthy track but the presentation makes it seem so different!
It has so many levels and layers to it and with each listen you hear something new or different :D

And a special thanks to the people i shared my first (of many!) listens with :D
I couldn't of asked for better company ;)

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