Listen to the Alan Braxe remix of Runaway

Added on Friday 06 October 2006, 11:44 (BST)

The Alan Braxe & Fred Falke remix of Runaway was played on the BBC Radio 1 "After Show" show last Sunday morning (1 October).  If you want to listen to the remix, go to the BBC Radio Player for the show and fast-forward approximately 1 hour 2 minutes into the show (you will need to go to 1:00 and then listen from there), you can hear over five minutes of the remix.

Please note that the BBC "Listen Again" service for this weeks show will only be available until Sunday 8 October, so be quick!

The Alan Braxe & Fred Falke remix of Runaway is one of the tracks included on the "maxi" CD single that is released on 30 October.

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i dont like that remix so much


I like it!!!! Better than the Grant Nelson.

Please stop saying "Faulk', his name's Fred Falke.

Iron-G: darn, don't say Sony have made yet another spelling mistake on a single/promo.....

Hmmm...not feeling this one as much as the GN's okay. I've heard better. I've heard worse.

This is a pretty chill remix nice sounds, I dig it!

Sad remix ! The intro seems like a Jean-Michel Jarre's song !

i have the maxi cd, and the grant nelson dub it's good!! you know, some stuff like "karaoke",jaja!!

i really like this remix a lot. i've been listening to it more than the original version! if the grant nelson one is even better, looks i'll be getting the maxi!

I'm afraid yes, David :(
his myspace:

Iron-G: thanks for the clarification. I've updated this news item and will try my best to spell it correctly in future!

Nice! hehe sorry if I sounded rude, if Sony made the mistake, you couldn't know!

Nah i don't like this version, it bears no resemblance to the original like the Grant Nelson one and its too clubbin for me if you get what i mean lol!

Come on, people- it never was meant to be a jazzy-sounding track!! The Grant Nelson mix was very good, it also shows in places that Jamiroquai COULD do funky house brilliantly, if they wanted to. But this one is a cool remix, and one for DJ sets in the clubs!! Don't forget that they are as much a part of the house music/club scene as they are a jazz/funk/disco band- they're way more open-eared than tey get any credit for!! A remix is meant to be just that- a different take on the original, sometimes giving it a "musical makeover" in places.

I don't understand the "too club-like, or nothing like the original" comments. It would be worse to have the same song, but over a standard house beat- that would cheapen the original (and horribly undermine Derrick and Sola's ability as musicians!!). Jamiroquai are better than that. Grant Nelson, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke have delivered on this occasion, and are all respected DJs and producers.

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