Runaway and High Times release dates moved forward

Added on Thursday 21 September 2006, 15:46 (BST)

Sony BMG have announced that the release date has been moved forward for both the greatest hits album (new date 6 November) and single (new date 30 October).

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Perfect, I can get it before my birthday now! :-)

It's a few days closer to my birthday now :)


We r all synkronized: a perfect gift for our birthdays!

Hmmmmmm, normally this would be good news, but I have already booked the 13th off work especially! Why can't Sony get their facts right before they tell us? Now I'm gonna have to try and book the 6th off, but I'm keeping the 13th off as well just incase it gets pushed back again. I don't trust Sony.

You have to ask why it has been pushed foward? There MUST be something else out on that day which Sony don't want it to go up against, but what? They couldn't push it back a week because it would be up against Oasis hits so they pushed it foward a week, which is very unusual so there MUST be a reason!?...

I think the single has been forwarded cos it's up against the Sugababes (which i hate) and the new comeback from All Saints which are more likely to sell really well cos of their commercial appeal to those kids and adults who prefer manufactured pop. And i don't think any other albums are out on the 6th nov which could outsell this GH. If it was the 13th as prev announced it would go head to head with the Sugababes GH which prob would sell better. I mean remember Dynamite up against Coldplay though Coldplay were out a week before? I'm not trying to say Jamiroquai don't sell well just that its the hardcore fans who buy their albums and we don't get people who go into the record store and buy Jamiroquai cos they fancy having it or want to try it out. But either way i'm not fussed and pretty pleased its not contending with the Sugababes lol! Means we have a little less wait which is great!

otis p jivefunk please tell me you were joking about actually booking a day of work!i love jamiroquai dont get me wrong but thats a bit extreme haha,were you going to sleep outside hmv the night before aswell ;-)

I know someone who booked the day off work when Dynamite was released, although I won't name names here.

PS. Hi Jake ;)

LOL @ U David!

Dave! That's mean! Ha ha!

bookin the day off!waaa!
i might book that wed off for the electric proms - fingers crossed!
im gonna tape that on bbc3 for you peeps and kasabian are on too with an orchestra, sounds good.
cool news about the release dates too, it's all happenin around then eh!


It's not unusual to push releases up really, espcecially in the modern age of bootlegging. But, the other releases that were set for the week of the 13th were Maroon 5, Gwen Stefani, and Depeche Mode and as someone mentioned - the Sugarbabes. On the 6th, the release will compete with McFly, Depeche Mode and Westlife.

Day off? I need to go into work just to afford all of this stuff!

Maroon 5 - wicked about time

Hopefully amazon will send the stuff on the new date but im really gald thtas happened

this is great but when you think aboutit how long would it take to make a load of cds and covers they probaley knew the trcklisting about a moth before us and have been making them for a while

has any one ever known anything to be moved forward before, to be honest this will be the only cd that i will buy on the day of release but i know games are never made to be released sooner. whole different market i suppose

Yes, Snolan - I have known LOTS of CD's to be moved forward 1 - 2 weeks (mainly hip-hop), and I actually do remember a PSP game being moved up before. It really isn't that uncommon in the music realm. It's about marketing really, especially at Columbia. They do it all the time.

Usually records are pushed up to avoid a conflict with another artist either on the same label or a bigger artists on another label. They also rush out albums to beat the bootleggers.

All the time, nothing new.

Great news I reckon. 7 weeks of "Runaway" being on the radio pre-release is borderline over-kill. FJLIS was released to radio too early too. I guess the video will be around first week of October??? And this knocks 7 days off the wait :o)

I don't think there is anything wrong with taking a day off cos a CD is coming i wish i could have done that for Dynamite but i had to have a 3 hour exam upon which my fate of getting into uni rested upon. But don't worry i passed alright and it seemed like a well deserved treat getting the album afterwards. Will seem like that after an hour long lecture this time too lol!

I didn't expect my booking a day off to spark such a debate haha. If it was just the Greatest Hits CD then I probably wouldn't have, but as there's a DVD and remix CD too I need plenty of time to take it all in. I have quite a few spare days so it would have just been random when I took them so I thought I may as well time it for this and kill two birds with one stone.

Would you rather be at work at 9.00am knowing what's in the shops waiting for you but having to work an 8 hour day first? I wouldn't, maybe it is sad but I'll be happy...

Nice one Otis .. Greatest Hits release day should be a national holiday!

Good for you Otis, actually that sounds good you can get the cd, dvd, fave food and drink, chill out and have a day of induldgence....Fabulous!!!!

when you put it like that..............:-)

well, is cool

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