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Added on Wednesday 20 September 2006, 23:28 (UTC)
High Times: Singles 1992-2006

After much recent confusion over tracklistings and details of the forthcoming High Times greatest hits album (because of incorrect tracklistings at different online stores), has confirmed details of what will be available in the UK on 13 November.

The CD audio album will be released in two editions:

  • A regular single CD containing 19 tracks (which include Runaway and Radio), and no "Bonus Un-released Track" as listed on many online store websites.  This mistake comes from the shops interpretation of the information provided to them by Sony BMG (personally it made perfect sense when I read it, but then we had a good idea of what to expect on the new album!).  Catalogue number 88697019962.
  • A special edition double CD release with the first CD being the same as the regular album, and the second one being a 10 track bonus remix CD.  Catalogue number 88697019912.

The DVD-video release will contain 25 full length music videos, including the video for Black Capricorn Day (which was not listed on retailer websites).  As with the earlier CD release confusion, the track called "1993 - Promo Only" after If I Like It I Do It was really just a sub-heading (in the details from the record company), meaning that the IILIIDI video was a promo only video released in 1993.  Catalogue number 88697109979.

The other differences is that the DVD video will not contain the making of videos for Feels Just Like It Should and Seven Days In Sunny June - this is because of UK chart rules. 

Full tracklistings for the three High Times releases are available at 

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