Additional greatest hits bonus track for UK, and bonus CD edition?

Added on Friday 15 September 2006, 22:10 (BST)

After the news of very complete DVD greatest hits release, it has been noted by a number of people that the UK CD release will include what looks to be an additional track, in addition to Runaway and Radio.  The tracklist given at is as follows:

  1. When You Gonna Learn
  2. Too Young To Die
  3. Blow Your Mind
  4. Emergency On Planet Earth
  5. Space Cowboy
  6. Virtual Insanity
  7. Cosmic girl
  8. Alright
  9. High Times
  10. Deeper Underground
  11. Canned Heat
  12. Little L
  13. Love Foolosophy
  14. Corner Of The Earth
  15. Feels Just Like It Should
  16. 7 Days In Sunny June
  17. (Don't) Give Hate A Chance
  18. Runaway
  19. Radio
  20. Bonus Un-released Track

So, what could this bonus track be...another Funktion?  The Japanese release has "Half The Man" included as a bonus track and is not listed here.  Do the band have another track for this UK release?

PS. lets try and not mention "Shoot The Moon" in the comments ;)

Secondly, another edition of the album is listed at that includes a bonus remix CD with the following tracks...

  • Emergency On Planet Earth (Masters At Work Remix)
  • Space Cowboy (David Morales)
  • Love Foolosophy (Knee Deep)
  • Little L (Bob Sinclar)
  • Cosmic Girl (Tom Belton Remix)
  • Dynamite (Phil Asher Remix)
  • Seven Days In Sunny June (Ashley Beedle Remix)
  • Virtual Insanity (Salaam Remi Remix)
  • You Give Me Something (Blacksmith R&B Remix)
  • Jamiroquai Supersonic (Restless Souls /Phil Asher remix)
Finally, in addition to, other UK retailers such as HMV are starting to take pre-orders for the album.
Credit: Mark Slater, Brian Norton, Xavier Preteseille

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Hi david,
sorry about this info - maybe it is another track but I think it is more likely to be 'half the man' as with Dynamite Japanese release with 'Time wont wait'?

Yeah, maybe it is, but why's it listed as after the Radio/Runaway track. I guess we'll probably have to wait until 13 November for the definitive answer.

Golly, i can hardly keep up with all these GH revelations!

Have pity on a true Jamily funker when she is down and in her weakest hour !!! Salt into the wounds etc., etc., etc.

I have it on good authority (my sense of humour), that the bonus un-released track may be entitled 'Shoot The Pepperami', a rewrite of a very famous and well loved Jamiroquai song with updated lyrics.

Heather! I'm killing myself laughing! PEPPERAMI! If i hyperventilate, it's your fault!!!

What a hell? heheheh
this is all going out of control! there are so many websites talking about so many different versions of the GH... my brain needs a break! xD
ehhheh gotta go

maybe it's a track from the original synkronized? didn't stu say something about a surprise jamiroquai fans would be happy about? a boy can dream..


thiis cannot be half the man

sony should put that album tomorrow in the stores

i cant wait anymore...

This remix CD is great, pity there's no b-sides but having remixes is better than nothing! I'm not too knowledgable on Jamiroquai remixes, could someone tell me have these been released before or are they new? If they have already been released are they good?

As for the unreleased track, I have a feeling Play have messed up but you never know. When some other places have the tracklist posted up we can compare...

sorry david but i cant resist...
could it be shoot the moon? midnight funk?

Any Rob H's help at this case????

otis p
all the remixes are released in one or other format, from vinil to digital download. the only one i don't know is the dynamite remix, but it's maybe the same as on dynamite white labels with the remixer name instead the remix name (as supersonic one)

i cant take it anymore....

lets just wait i,m going beserk

lets see whats coming up uk jp..


Maybe not STM... but what about Cannabliss? Haha, that would be brilliant. Don't want to give my hopes though. Sounds like it's going to be something we all are familiar with, but not the general public. We'll see soon!

I'm sorry, I'm not going to comment (we've just to wait), in fact I'm asking anybody: which is the 'Space Cowboy' version of the official video we can see on tv? I downloaded the video some days ago but I'm still trying to understand what to search to have the right track version... thank you!

Hopefully that bonus track is Midnight Funk... or Sinkronized, I´m Diying hear the full versions of those songs

hey guys dont forget "a funk odyssey" (the song)
but i think we should wait until the release to see what tracks are gonna be in it.. this is too confusing

your guess is as good as mine on this one Fernando,i haven't got a clue what this unreleased track is gonna be lol.It's news to me,first i've heard about it.

Really can't wait for the album. I could be one of bands jams which was recorded and not intented for release. I've already pre-ordered my copy on amazon. Can't wait

italian debosi:
the song you hear on the space cowboy video is space cowboy radio edit, it's a short edit of the stoned again version, you can find it in the space cowboy singles.

about the unreleased track: somebody told in jamirotalk that this web is ususally adding one fake track in their list. and rob said he don't know nothing, so.....maybe there no any other track at all
(maybe rob is joking tough)

Xavier Preteseille,

With a name which sounds like that, you must be French, right?

So what about the French release? Do you have info?
If so, could you please talk about it? Thx

I just hope this GH stays under £10!!

Please please please let it be some Old Synk material avec Stu :)

Shoot the moooooon!

DVD listing looks pretty good. Again, I reckon a b-sides CD would have been better than remixes as they're mostly ubiquitous on account of the releases they're associated with, whereas most b-sides are pretty rare by comparison. Still, can't complain, at least we know they were thinking one way or another!

Hey they might introduce a b-sides too, yer know sony
£££££ - cherching!!

@ Clem

Yes, I am french :-)
I have no more infos than you...
But the "French release" as you call should be likely to be the European release

Toby Said that there was a recorded demo of that tune - "brother's like you givin' brother's like me a bad name" - I'd hope for that cause it's sick.

Haha Rob doesn't know either, so I guess it may be 'Half The Man' like the Japanese release then...

D! (dyego)

damz i can take it longer....i,m buying all off them..

get it on


Merci pour ta réponse Xavier...

brothers like you would make my day

according to, there is no bonus track listed at all...just the 19 main ones, so i guess we'll see

''Bonus Un-released Track'' sounds misterious.. ; ))


is the DVD with videoclips or "just" the music?
Who knows the answer

It can't be 'half the man' it's supposed to be un-released!
It now lists it in the official store so that must be correct

Yes! I am over the moon that there is a Remix disc!!! I would have preferred a b-side disc but this is excellent news. Plus, they've chosen a great mix of remixes, but still retained the best ones (Morales' Space Cowboy & EOPE MAW remix simply HAD to be there!)

Great work!

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